a few of my warm up/practice routines
hi all, new member here. very much enjoying forum so far. thought i would post a few of the things i use to practice and warm up. keep in mind that im pretty much a beginner so i doubt this will help the pros we have here Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

at my level right now i know my biggest weaknesses involves consistency with triples and doubles and knowing my outs so i don't have to stop and add in my head what i need and what i want to shoot at to get down to what i want. so with that in mind most of my drills involves one, two, or all of those.

forgive me if these have been posted already but so far ive only made it to the second page of reading.

50 out - this is a cool little drill that i use a lot for warm ups before tourneys or league matches. the premise is simple: you have 50 left and 3 darts to get an out. of course in the real world if you have 50 left and 3 darts most people will aim at 10 or 18 with two darts for the finish. but here i aim at DB and simply try to finish with the remaining darts based on what my first dart was. this way it helps me practice bull as well. this not only helps you with finishers but it also drills into my head to automatically calculate what i need on the fly. so basically it helps me to remember my outs from 50 down. as a warm up i only throw 3 darts and if i miss i start over and i usually do this about 10 times or so but i also use it as practice sometimes where i will take as many turns as i need to finish the out.

101 - this one is pretty simple. i just play 101 with myself but keep the tally in my head. this also helps with being able to calculate set ups and finishers on the fly. at my level i try to complete this in 6 darts or less.

Bobs 27 - if you haven't yet heard of this its a drill that focuses on doubles. you start out with 27 points. starting with 1 you throw all 3 darts at doubles. if you hit then you add the total of the double to your score and if you miss all 3 then you subtract that amount from your score. example would be landing one in double 1 and missing 2 = add 2 to your score. landing 2 in the double 1 = adding 4 to your score. missing all three = subtract 2 from your score. right now i am not good enough to complete a round (i usually go bust at 10-12 right now). for a really good doubles practice i throw 2 rounds or even 3 depending on how much time i have.

Denis' Triples - This one (and bobs 27) i admit i cheat a little on because i have an app on my tablet (that we use to keep score and play against a computer opponent) that has this on there. for this one you start at 10 and go to 20 aiming at triples. you get 3 points for a triple, 2 for double, and 1 for single. start at 10, throw 3 darts, calculate your score, and move to the next number. although sometimes to switch it up i would not count the singles or doubles or sometimes i will aim at the fat part of the number and not the triple (i hate few things more than aiming at a single and accidentally hitting a triple!). the app that i use for this has a feature that will save your progress so you can go back and look at it but i have always looked at it like George does, if you are trying to beat a certain number or a certain time then you are playing, not practicing!

Cricket 501 - i play this from time to time and i like to play a few practice games of this before league because we play both 01 and cricket in my league. basically you play 501 except only cricket numbers count. if you get 20-20-T5 then you only count the 40 points you got from 20s. outs are the same, only use cricket numbers. so if you get down to 30 points remaining and you hit S15 then you bust.

Step down 501 - i use a scoring app for this because i hates maths. this drill i do pretty much daily and most of the time i play two games for each number. so what i do is play a game of standard 501 but the first game i aim at 20 as my primary scoring number. the next game i use 19 as my primary scoring number, then 18, then 17. then i usually start over with 20 and repeat. obviously if i cover the treble or get down to where another number would leave me a better finish or set up then i go with it. this drill helps me with repetition of triples on the big numbers. i even use this one against a computer opponent a lot to simulate game situations.

75 set up - recently i just started doing something a little different and I'm not sure just yet on how i like it but i figured i would include it in case someone wants to take it or modify it. basically you start with 75 and if you can get out, then great. but the primary purpose is to leave yourself a great out. this is more to practice those situations where you have a point advantage on your opponent and know that most likely you will have at least 6 darts to finish. just in my small amount of time playing i have bungled this up more than just about anything else. its so irritating to be sitting at 75 and up by 100 and then completely screw up by taking risky chances and end up leaving yourself 31 or 25. so i use this to perhaps take some chances but keeping the main goal to leave myself a decent out. i started doing this after having two games in a row being up big and leaving myself 14 or 6 when it wasn't necessary.

so anyway, sorry that once again i have left a very long post if you managed to make it until the end, thanks for reading! i would love to hear from you guys who are much more seasoned than i am on whether these could made better or whether there are better options for practice. i have pretty thick skin so i don't mind criticism at all.

thanks again for reading,

Some good routines there bud, I like the sound of the Bob's 27, I struggle a bit with doubles. It's either in first dart or a complete miss!

I'm like you, hate the maths side of it, although some are ingrained in my bonce now so I automatically know which way to go. My fave doubles are the 16, 8, 10 and 15 so I will invariably aim to leave myself on one of those doubles.
Good post thanks for sharing.
I like bob's 27. Got to double 15 on my first go! Good routine, makes you focus more coz you really don't wanna run out of points!!!
I didn't mind the word count at all. Very well written with some fun sounding routines. I imagine I'll get around to trying a few.

The only one I had done was Bobs 27. I'm sitting in about the same boat as Michael score wise. I find it frustrating to never finish. Once I made it to the end only to bust on the bull.

You are wise to follow George' advice. I read his book right when I started. I pretty much disagreed with everything he said and was determined to find my own way. Slowing most everything I thought has been proven wrong. And George' ideas are proving themselves right. I'm pretty ticked off right now. During my brief moments of better darts, I haven't a clue what my arm is doing. If I try to think about what I am doing I can't do it. This is not how it was supposed to happen.
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Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

Some nice practice routines there. So long as your practice routine / game as a focused objective, keeps your concentration and is fun then it will be beneficial. Far better than aimlessly throwing at 20's and not concentrating on what you are really doing. Keep plugging away at these and check the site for many more that you can add in
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Good advice Michael, all great routines too! +1 Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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I really enjoy playing Dennis' Triples although I don't count anything for hitting the double (shouldn't be hitting a double when I'm aiming for a treble!) Best score is 41.
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I could tell you were from the States when I saw DB in your post. I believe we are the only country that calls the center red bit a Double Bull. To the rest of civilization, it is simply, Bull with the green bit being the 25.

Good read by the way. I see you have 3 rep points in 6 posts, so you must be doing something folks like. Gonna be a hard thing to keep up though. LOL

Edited to add this:

I checked your profile and see you are indeed from the US, in Madison, Ms., right next door to my state of La. I lived and worked on the Ross Barnett Reservoir back in the early 70's on one of the 4 marina's that were in operation at that time. The place has been long shut down and the last time I was in that area there were condos built on a small peninsula that was adjacent to the marina that was nothing but a wooded area back then. Ah, progress.
Hahaha yeah I live about 2 miles from where you are talking about!

bull, 25, outer, inner, double bull, red, there are so many ways people refer to it. Admittedly I still don't quite know a lot of the vernacular so I try to refer to the outer bull or inner bull or DB.

Leave it to the US to be the one that's different! Standard vs metric anyone? Hahaha
Thx for the tips.
Definitely gonna give the 75 setup and Cricket 501 a try
Bobs 27 i play alot already, it's really a great way for doubles improvement (and frustrating at times Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.)
ive recently discovered that most of the time I am more accurate immediately after practicing doubles so before matches I will make 3 passes at throwing 3 darts at D1 and all of the even numbered doubles. for some reason it makes me focus and concentrate on a single spot better when I play right after throwing at doubles for a bit.

I like to alternate practicing one thing, then switching to another and back. so when im practicing I will practice doubles for a bit, then switch and do something else, then come back to doubles. I find that this also helps with my concentration. after a while of throwing at doubles or single numbers (like count up) I find myself throwing at the number instead of aiming at a particular spot. so switching things up helps me with not getting bored and lazy.

speaking of getting bored and lazy, I like the bobs 27 so I get so bored from throwing at the same sequence of numbers that I modify it a little sometimes just to switch things up. I have to do that because there are certain numbers that I hate throwing at and I find myself just chucking the darts up there so I can get to the next number. I hate D3 but like D4. hate D7 but like D8, etc. so I will find myself just half-assing it so I can get to the next one. so lately I have switched it up a little and instead of doing the normal scoring I will start myself out with 5 points. if I hit a double I add 1, if I hit 2 then I add 2, etc. if I miss then I subtract 1. so I basically give myself a 5 shot cushion. this lets me add a little bit variety because now I can start at any number. so lately I have started at 20 and worked backward (mainly because I cant finish an entire game of bobs 27) or I will do only even numbers or only odd numbers. since I hate all the odd numbers this at least helps me because im not looking forward to the next number, in fact, im not looking forward to any of them! hahah

I usually do this to break up the monotony of the D1 drill. I end up getting lazy and bored on that too. so I usually play 2 or 3 rounds of D1, then do some doubles, back to D1, etc. after a few rounds of that then I can switch up and play a few rounds of 50 out or 101. I like the practice of D1, but after a while it can be very boring. and since George himself said that you shouldn't practice against a timer or the number of rounds, this helps me not care how long its taking or how many rounds. I can do the drill but also have some aspect of competition in between to keep me interested.

thanks for all of the kudos guys!


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