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Pre-tournament routines
ok guys i have a tournament coming up and need some advice from fellow darters to get the most out of my game. Generally i feel i over practice going into tourny's not letting my arm rest enough as i know the long format will eventually play a factor if i make it deep. When do you guys back off the practice prior to the start of the tourny? cheers
As we know confidence and being able to really enjoy playing a match is a very big part of being successful.
So many times in this forum has it been said that doubles win matches and having confidence in your finishing is paramount.

Leading up to the tournament keep your sessions sharply focussed maybe every other day and not too long if you're prone to overkill on practice. There's nothing worse for your confidence than when you're carrying some 'strain pain' into a game.

A pre-tournament routine would involve a couple of 1-20 in doubles followed by Bulls practice then move on to key trebles and then your favourite doubles.

No more than this take a break and very importantly stretch your throwing AND non throwing side of your body before and after.

Good Luck
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