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6 Darts for Practice !
Some times I will use 6 Darts for practice. Only on certain ones though. Like around the world on singles or throw three at the trip 20's 3 at the 19's and so on. I use the same dart make and weight in other words 2 sets of my Rasta's or my Phase 5's. I never throw at one number or section with all six because then I would increase tearing up flights unnecessarily .
I like it because when pinched for time I can throw a lot of darts, two I like getting use to switching numbers on the fly so to speak.
Its not a every day thing but a nice change of pace so to speak.
I don't recommend using sets that are different.
Im just now going to have two sets of the same exact darts, so I will be doing this more often.

My friends and I have this pot going where we put in $5 whenever we play and first person to hit the shot wins. The shot is very hard though so there is already probably $200 or maybe even more in there.

The shot you need to hit, in order, is:
Red or Green Bull
Opposite bull of the previous one you just hit

So its pretty much 6 perfect darts and you don't get the help of a previous dart sucking a slightly off dart into the target. So what Im saying is we will probably never win and will have to just split the money eventually, its more like a bank account haha.

But throwing six darts seems to help with getting a good rhythm going. Somebody posted a challenge or practice exercise where you throw 6 darts and Ive enjoyed it ever since then.
I have been using 6 identical darts for several years. The advantages is time, building trust in your rhythm.

Agree wholeheartedly that finding proper drills save on flights and shafts and the wear and tear on the finish of your darts

Currently the two drills I include 6 darts are:

RTW Doubles (first dart in the double .. no second or third dart at the same double)

Larry Butler's drill (two of 3 three darts into the DOUBLE .... great for grouping and doubles muscle memory)

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