Determining factors for change of flights.
When do you change your flights? How "beat up" do you let them get before changing? I usually buy one color of one type of flight, so I typically change one flight at a time and it is usually when one is torn.

How mangled does a flight have to be before it actually affects the flight of the dart? I guess anything less than a perfect edge does impact the flight of the dart to some degree, but is it really noticeable?
- If it don't fit, force it.  If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.
- If it ain't broke, you might still be able to fix it.

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I buy really cheap flights (Designa, R4X and others) so it doesn't take long for me to replace them (also due to not using Storm points either). I don't mind if there is small chips on the rear flights. I usually trash them when I get a tear, one of the wings has a kink/bend (usually due to being squished/sat or stepped on), or a bad robin hood.

I do think flight shape makes a bigger difference with lighter darts...when I threw 14g's I had to be vary particular about flight condition. Now with 25g it's not so significant.
A torn flight will see the trashcan immediately .I don't mind a few small knicks but if the shape is compromised it's going in trashcan .

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I hope you get many others giving their thoughts on this topic because I have been told by my team mates that I am “Nutz” about the way I deal with flights.

I have two levels for my flights, one: for league games only (new or very good) and two: all the others for practice and non league general games.

I have a set of flights that I use only for league games if the flight has only a few dents on it I may keep using it for league however it depends on my mood. I have new ones so I may just change that one and put this used flight in my practice bag. I always have a new set available in case something happens to these league only flights. This is why my team mates think I am “Nutz!”

Once the league only flights get replaced they become flights for my practice and non league general games. Somewhat like you when these flights get a tear or too beat up then I get rid of them.

I just keep cycling my flights in this manner and never worry during league games if they are the problem, normally it is me so I can’t complain about the darts or setup.
Since I use storms... I only ever need to replace a flight when the point aactually goes through the flight and splits it. 2-6 months.

I switched to cosmos lately, and I am noticing the airs are already a little beat up. Even with storms.

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I usually change my flights when the dents become noticeable, there is a tear (no matter how small) or the flight gets bent out of shape and won't sit in shape again.
I use inexpensive plain blank standard flights so don't overly mind changing them although since using storms I've been changing them far less often - in fact sometimes I think that flight has been on there too long and change it just to have a new one!!
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