advice on my throw please guys.
Hi Dartsnutz.

Looking for some help and advice with my throwing action.

I am struggling with my throw and the problem can clearly be seen in the video clip below.

All of the power in my throw seems to come from the wrist, as opposed to the elbow.

I tilt my hand forward on the drawback for some strange reason.

Any ideas how I could correct this terribe throwing action?

Any comments appreciated.
Any chance you can get a side view video? That's usually easier to evaluate.

It's just difficult to see the hand tilt on your drawback when facing head on.

One thing I noticed is that you're twisting your body a bit during your throw. You have your arm up/aiming your dart...but then your body twists a bit during the motion of your throw. It's also making you lunge a bit forward and you lift your rear foot off the ground.

I would try to move your rear foot outward a bit so your body is more angled at the board (so your back foot is further outside than your front foot). Kind of a similar body angle to MVG but from the opposite direction/position if that makes sense.
When he's facing the camera, his body is like /
I would move your rear foot out a bit so you're facing more like \ at the camera.

This might put you more in line and help with staying more solid.
Hi Lee. If I could give a Little advice to you ,it would be to try to use a Little less power. This could slow your Action.
All the best.
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I noticed something, and its only cause I do it myself. You lean a little to your right as you aim(when I do it, it is to try to get my throwing arm perfectly vertical), but then as you throw it all kinda twists back into where it should be.

It is almost like Wez Newton, but Newton keeps his body with that weird little lean so he stays solid. You (and me too I think) snap back to standing up straight as you are throwing and its probably just way too much movement to be accurate.

When I do that, it helps to tell myself just stand up straight to whats comfortable, dont lean over so much trying to get my arm perfect.
I'd move the bike and focus on the darts and not tripping over the kids bike
I don't know how cold it is in that storage space it looks like you are throwing in, but I know I can't throw in anything other than short sleeves, and loose ones at that. I can't stand anything binding my arm when throwing. It is kind of hard to see what your arm is doing dressed in all dark clothes with the straight on shot.

Like someone already mentioned, a side view is much better for seeing any obvious glitches in a throw.
Thanks for the kind feedback guys.

Because of this awful action I no longer play competitively.

I intend to put it right, and your feedback will be a big part of me correcting my awful throw.
Listen Lee there is no perfect throw. Yours looks to be economical and your follow thru with the arm is great. A lot can go wrong on the draw back of the dart as well as when you release. Are you trying to move the wrist the opposite way? Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Your follow through is good until the very end when your hand turns down and to your left. In other words not straight.
Hi Lee,

Not bad action at all really but you must try and make your upper torso, head arm shoulder as rock solid as possible and lock the wrist.
Bob Anderson recently said on a youtube that only your forearm should be moving...I know easier said and done though :s but it can be done. I reckon that now you are aware of the movement as you release you can correct it and improve on your accuracy.

Best regards,Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Son of Merlin

Caerleon - Wales

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

Everything seems to be pulling to the left at the point of release.
Hard to tell if your throwing around objects in the garage or not.
But try and straighten your setup somewhat.
Forearm needs to be travelling down the line 20's to 3's.
Get your line sorted and then work on your release to get your grouping close.
Best of luck.
Agree with Assassin. In my simple view of things, the follow through is suppopsed to be towards the target. Your's is not.

it looks to me like you are throwing the arm across your body. The pull back and the push ought to be in the same plane. They clearly are not -- you pull back to your right and you push to the left. And your fingers/wrist tries to compensate by pointing right. That is a complicated stroke.

I recommend that you simplify it.

Pull back along the same path that you want the dart to follow, then launch/push the dart back along that very same path. In short, straighten out that stroke, keep backwards and forwards parts in the same plane.

It will probably feel very mechanical. That is good.. It must feel different than your comfortable throw. But, that's one you want to get rid of, right? Awkward is good -- it is a sign of change. Bear in mine, it will take a long time to straighten the stroke.

If you practice straightening it out, you might get 5% or 10% of the way there in a short time. But you need to consciously do it, until it is in muscle memory. It is very difficult to change something you've obviously learned to do over a long time.

Bear in mind also, that if you manage to do it, it may fall apart under stress as you search for comfort. Regroup and keep at it.

My recommendation: extend towards the target, keep you hand in the air between your aiming eye and target. Do this a lot. Like days of it.....changing a movement is very hard. The best you can hope for in the short term is to extend to the target always, and be within an inch radius. This circle will tighten up as you learn to repeat the new extension....

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