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Dart Wear n Tear
So, the general feedback on most questions seems to be "It depends", but hopefully I can avoid those answers.

Just started getting into darts, and noticed that my flights tend to fray over time. (expected from close grouping of darts). Then i noticed my shafts are beginning to break (from getting REALLY close grouping of darts). Shafts and flights are generally cheap to fix.

Now the questions. 1. Are there repairs or replacements to the barrels / points? Or at that point, you just go out and buy a new set?

2. I've seen you can scuff up the points a bit so they stay in the board better, But do points tend to wear down (As in get shorter / closer to the barrel?) Can you replace these?

I have a set of Harrows Black I.C.E 25g if that helps with the questions
Yes its best to replace if it bothers you. I hear MVG has used his present darts for years and years to the point they are several gms lighter than when new. Its fun to buy a new set here and there, compared to say fishing and Golfing Darts is much less expensive sport.
Yeah, with black darts (like your Ice), you're going to see more wear and tear because black finishes show every single scratch/mark. Even gold darts will do it but it's not as noticeable due to the lower contrast between the gold and bare tungsten. I wouldn't be too worried about wear on a dart. Typically it's only going to be on the front section where the darts bang into each other....where you actually grip won't be affected as much.

As for points, most people can easily go years without repointing. Dart points are VERY hard...unless it takes a really unlucky hit on a cement floor, it's rare that you'll snap one.

Most people here just buy flights/stems in bulk...if you order from one of the UK websites (like Puredarts), you can buy most stems and flights for under $1 and the shipping is still just as cheap from ordering in the US.
Thanks for the replies! Very informative.
All things wear over time my friend. You can replace everything on a dart,apart from the barrels themselves, t pays to buy you stems and flights in bulk online from lots of sites. The points can be replaced, again a lot of sites offer this service,but if you ask a few members do their own. If you ask they will do it for you if you pay postage and supply the new points Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
unless you needlessly sharpen you points, they should pretty much last forever Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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I've been playing darts for close to 30 years now-----------you'd think I'd be better by now, but that's another story.

My experience is dart barrels will get nicked, scratched, worn down a bit from contact with the other darts when groupings get tight.

Points will last a real long time, but are very easy to replace yourself if you have just an inkling of skill.

Flights and shafts are disposable and tear, get nicked, robin hooded, hit the floor and break if nylon, and bend if, God forbid, you use aluminum, with freakish regularity. They are the cheapest thing you can replace on your darts unless you go with something exotic on the back end of the barrels.

Edited this post with this little tidbit. I have a set of regular ICE darts and they are showing signs of wear and tear on the barrels with their reverse cut for the grip. Any heavily knurled or multiple grip cut darts will show wear more so than the smoother barrel darts is my experience.
Everything Gumbo said. I would add that I avoid coated barrels. I can't imagine what my Silver Lightnings would look like after six years of hard use if they'd been coated. I do have one set of Mach III's that are coated black and I find the coating to be really slippery. Don't worry too much about scuffing points causing wear. If you have any kind of decent board and you scuff them properly, you'll be very reluctant to do it again real soon, if ever. I keep a small file in my dart box to knock down burrs caused by points hitting ringed barrels. Flight protectors, spinners and durable flights or something like a Cosmo setup will save a lot of time and aggravation changing flights. There's lots of stuff out there that works well. If you're having troubles with darts not sticking in the board and flights coming apart very quickly, you probably need to look at your equipment. If you're just starting, I'd say, don't worry about it, normal wear and tear on darts isn't a real big issue, A good enclosure will contain lots of bounce outs and something a little softer than concrete on the floor will also help.
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