Darts World Magazine
What are people's views?
Is 'Darts World Magazine' worth the read?

The Forum here is great and I sometimes wonder if you'll get any more out of a magazine than you would on here.

Grateful in advance of any comments.
I get it occasionally as they still have the odd article in there worth reading, but generally most of the stuff in there is on the web for around a month before it comes out in print
The old Darts World magazines are the best. Lot's of info in those.

The new ones are worthless because all the info in those can most likely be found online a month earlier.
Thanks for your views - much appreciated.
The web has pretty much killed Bullseys News, here in the US, too. At one time, they were monthly, then dropped to semi-monthly. They still have a website with some archived content, but I don't know if they are still in print.
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