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flight/shaft combo problems
I started using the micro shaft (1/2") with Vortex flights and it stopped my darts from wiggling on the way to the board and increased my accuracy in what I am able to hit.

However, in doing this I noticed that as I started to group my darts closer together I had more flight/bounce outs then ever before. If I throw harder the flight will pop off the dart and the dart may or may not stick in the board. The flights are hitting each other and not letting the dart stick in the board, you can even hear them hitting each other. Sometimes the dart lays sideways between 2 other darts not touching the board, and no where near a wire so it has to be the flights.

I tried the ex. short shafts with and without spinners but both give me that wiggle in the dart and loss of accuracy. I have also tried small vortex flights but the wiggle comes back.

Last night I tried the R4x standard flights and had hardly any flight/bounce outs, and no wiggle while on the way to the board. But the darts now land with the tail (flight) way up maybe a 70 degree angle as compared to my straight in no angle landing. I have not measured the difference in where the point winds up yet but it appears to be lower then my normal setup because when I shoot for the 14 I hit many more 11's then normal.

Anyone have a suggestion? Changes I should try, stay with old setup and deal with bounce outs or go with standard flights and learn to throw them better/higher?
It seems to me, like the shorter your setup, and the flatter your darts land in the board, the more likely your darts are to robin hood the stems, and damage them. What weight are your darts that you use? If they are on the heavier side, presumably your stems and flights will last no time at all. If your darts are a bit lighter, then that might explain why your deflections seem to be causing your darts to not stick in the board.

If the flights are popping off, it's probably because either the stems are damaged, or the flights are torn where they enter the stem. However, from what you have said here, it seems that this setup really works for you. You might want to try scuffing up your dart points, so that they have more chance of staying in the board, and maybe you could try super-glueing the flights into the stems to stop the flights from popping out all the time.

Storm points might also help to reduce deflections, or those trident plastic thingies which are fitted over regular points. Good luck!
My darts are 22g and the biggest problem is the deflection caused by flights hitting each other.

I have had robin hoods but replaced the small micro shafts with new ones and it seems like the flights are hitting before the points hit the board.

I have scuffed my dart tips as mentioned in another thread but as I see it the point sometimes never hits the board in a way to get in because the flights cause it to deflect at an angle.

My problem is on close groupings the flights hit and cause the incoming dart to deflect and hit the board wrong then bounce out. When I hear dart barrel hitting the other dart barrel only the flight pops off and in a few case the flights were bending while touching each other.

Just an odd problem I am having since getting my groupings closer, it is not every time the darts are close just when the flight catches the back of the dart flight the right way. It may have something to do with the shape of the flights since it only happened once or twice with the standard shaped flights and 10+ with the vortex shaped flights when comparing the number of throws.
Just keep playing with different size shafts and flights until you are satisfied...keep on fine tuning. In my experience if I use a front weighted dart i need to use smaller shape flights or my darts stand up. Its simple physics, smaller surface area less drag. I am now using slim straight barrels and my small flights don't work, I needed to go to standard. Trial by error. Sorry I don't have a one fix solution. Everyone's throw and release if different.
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Yeah, I suppose the back end of those Vortex flights makes a difference. Have you tried pear-shaped flights? They probably have a similar surface area. Maybe the 'fantail' shape might also be worth trying
I will try the pear shaped flights to see how they work but your first thought may also add to the problem as I noticed the back end of the flights and they do have marks I think the point or where the point and barrel come together there is a small lip which might be hitting the flight and then the flight hits it also and I guess this combination makes it hit the board wrong and bounce out.

Never happened when I could not group the darts LOL the problems of getting better.
Haha, yeah getting better really sucks lol. I have a similar problem with my setup, but not as severe as yours. I use the large max air flights that Harrows make. The flights are really strong, and so I get a few horrible deflections. I stubbornly refuse to change because my darts fly so straight with this setup. I make sure that if my darts land in the top of the treble 20, or just over, I switch to another target inmediately. This way I have an open bed to aim at. Good luck with those pear flights. You might also want to try fitting flight protectors to the pears too. It should help to bring the tail down flatter as you like, and any deflections might be less severe.


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