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Shakey Shakes
Been playing 2 years now, 2 summer seasons and coming to the end of my second winter season. My first few games I was real nervous and took me 3 or 4 to record my first win and the nervous shakes quickly disappeared. Since then I win most weeks, one of the better players in the league (I practice a lot).

I am captain of our team, and in the last few weeks had to secure promotion, the dreaded shakes returned. The first week the shakes were so bad I couldn't hit anything. The week after the shakes were worse but I played the best match I've ever played.

This week is our final match and our team are playing the the top of the table, it's tight whoever win this wins the league. We are both already promoted so a little pressure off but still I really want it.

My question is this. Will I get used to playing high pressure games? Will the shakes disappear? Or is it going to happen every time the pressure is really on and do I have to master playing with an unsteady hand? I there any way I can prepare mentally to minimise it? At the moment I'm practicing routine so everything is as automatic as possible, any other tips?

I've seen Phil Taylor start shaking a little under intense pressure, if he feels it sometimes then surely it never goes completely?
I think all the pros must get the same problem at some point its just they have gotten used to it and I don't think its a bad thing to have some nerves but obviously you don't want it to be so bad that it affects your game. I think in time it will improve, you will likely still get nerves but your mind and body will just adapt to be able to handle it better.
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I hope I never get used to it totally, I love the adrenaline that comes with the nerves, you will miss it when it goes Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
It happens in any sport even among the best. We've seen a lot of game winning free throws missed by the best basketball shooter because of pressure. There are many ways to get rid of it. Practice to develop confidence, and frequent participation in darts contests.
I just read something regarding shaking and nerves in another sport. basically you are about to give the best performance of your life and it's that exciting . So, give it all you have and relish the success once the match is done . It's exciting to know that all the work you have done is finally going to pay excited it's you're worth calm your self you might try visualizing your success. I've practiced visualization earlier in my career in another sport and once in the game i was familiar with it so wasn't as nervous.
Thanks people, in my youth I played rugby at a decent level but never felt nerves like I do in the oche! Probably because its a team game not solely down to the individual performance. But yeah can't beat the feeling when you win. I might try the visualisation thing but at the same time I try to keep my head as clear as possible when playing so not sure how that would work!

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