My favorite practice games with friends
I'm not sure if there is a name for them already as I have never seen hem before, but I made up my own practice games for 01 and cricket. They are both pretty simple and good to play with friends.

1) For 01 games only use the inner circle for scoring. So anything outside the triple is a miss. The triples now become doubles and bull stays the same. This really helped me personally to become more accurate with my darts, especially in situations where you have to squeeze the last dart in there because you are used to throwing darts in tight spaces. It gets really interesting in DIDO games but I wouldn't recommend games longer than 501 as it takes much longer than normal games.

2) For cricket you also only use the inner circle. The triples again become doubles or if you really want an interesting game they become out, so singles only and inside the inner circle. Same with bull where we sometimes say that only the red bull counts and the green is out. We almost never use points, only the 3 marks to knock out the number.

These may not be the best practice games but they really are a fun way to practice with a friend or 2 if you want to try a new game... Or at least a variation of one
Highest Checkout - 160
Best Leg- 13 darter
Arrows -One80 Cutlass 21g---- steel tip 
              -Modified One80 cutlass 18g--- soft tip
I tryed a new game . First I have to say I have never heard of this easy game to Play and can be adjusted to different Levels.
Came into my brain,
I just called it Doubles first to 11.
Using all the Doubles once,
Eatch Player has 3 Darts to hit the free doubles.
I started by marking all 21 numbers,on the score board.
After they are hit ,you score a mark and the double is crosed out.
First to hit 11 free doubles wins. Best of 3-best of 5.
Always going to be a winner.

Different Levels.
lev-1 Both Players can try for all 21 doubles ,once
lev -2 as above
lev-3 Hit a double that is already hit and loose a Point and add a double.( apponits choice) Hit the same double with 2 Darts . No score.

Great Training for the Money.
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