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playing soft and steel tip
is it a problem playing both soft and steel tips? (i mean to improve)
Steeltips improve your accuracy i think and in soft-tips as the trebles are bigger dont seem to be but as im not very expert in softtips yet can tell you Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
I don't think it should be a problem
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Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Phil Taylor demonstrated it on you tube that it is possible doing both on same darts type but under different weights.

To me it didn't work so well though.
good! if Phil do it, i can do it...
Years ago I played in a steel tip league on Monday night and a soft tip league on Tuesday night. The combination of just playing a lot made me a better all around player. I had no issue's switching back and forth. Most of the people I knew played in both leagues as well.
Ditto. I can pick up my 16g darts and after a few minutes throwing them alternately with my 25.6g steel tips, put them barrel against barrel. Muscle memory kicks in.
I do all my own stunts.
I found playing steel tip can help improve your soft tip game. But I would probably suggest using similar darts if possible.

I have 18gram darts for soft tip. I have the same type of dart for steel tip but my steel are 20 gram.

Often I will put steel tip conversion points on my 18 grams to use for steel. But be careful here as some steel tip conversion points weigh more than plastic tips and it can throw off the balance point and grip. L-style hard lippoints weigh the same as plastic tips. Just have a sharpener with you as they wear down a little quicker.

In my opinion if you play 60-90% soft just use your same darts with conversion points. If you play mostly Steel tip use steel tip darts...and I would suggest having soft tip darts that are similar grip patterns.

I'm currently 90% soft tip so I am not using the steel tip versions of my darts yet. But I do really like them and when I do play more steel I will use them.

The only real question to me is what distance from the board to use when playing Steel tip. I would guess it would probably be best to stand from 8 feet away if I mostly play soft tip.
yes, i wondered about change of weight and distance

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