How do you guys deal with nerves when your up to throw? I am super relaxed when I practice and can hit what I am aiming at pretty consistently, but as soon as I get to a real match for money I feel like I cant hit a 20 to save my life!

Do you guys have any tips or tricks to relax at the oche?
Keep doing it... And remember, the board, the line, your darts... All exactly the same.

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Like Milky said, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Worst thing you can do is put more pressure on yourself in match play by starting to panic a bit if a few darts go stray. Even the best in the world have their moments where 26's, 45's and similar scores are all they get for their effort.

Keep the game between you and the board, not you and your opponent. If he steps up and tosses a ton, there is nothing you can do about his darts. Just try to beat the board with the relaxed throw you have in practice.

It's what the Brit's call "Bottle"------the control of the nerves when under pressure and perform up to your standards.
just have to keep confronting it and it will get less of a problem
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Game play is the only way. Find someone slightly better than you and play them regularly over a decent session. You'll learn to become calm under pressure as well as get better yourself.

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