Phase 5 Stems first impressions.
I've been throwing Phase 5 LP's for a while now. I have been using Deflectagrips and McCoy Power Max flights and have been generally happy with them. The stems and flights and take somewhat of a beating.

Just looking around at different darts, I keep seeing the Phase 5's with the the Phase 5/Slik Stik stems. Decided to give them a go. Order some from Puredarts, and some of the Unicorn DMX flights.

So first, one of the stems thread was messed up. I had to run a die over it, and then it was still a bit tight, had to force it in the barrel with pliers. Sure, I could have contacted Pure or Unicorn, but I really wasn't interested in waiting for any replacements. That stem now goes in and out freely. Still, I'm guessing not all dart players have a tap and die set out in the garage.

Now, trying them out with the DMX flights. These things are tiny. I kind of liked it, however my darts did not fly very straight, and were landing in my board with the flights pointing way left. I need better correction from my flights. I put the power max flights in, and while a tight fit, are working out nicely so far.

I don't know that these flights are making that much of a difference in overall scores, however I do feel the flexible nature of the slik stiks is resulting in less deflections and tighter groups.

I do wonder if there is a flight in between the Power Max and the DMX that would work for my throw.
You could try the normal unicorn plus standard flights or the new shield shape flights from unicorn.
although in the end i could not get happy with the phase 5's i found for me they worked best with slim flights. i tried the DMX flights but they just seemed too small for me to use and the darts seemed very wobbly and almost out of control in flight.

the slims worked a lot better while still landing flat. pears and kites worked well to but the darts landed tail up (although not too much) standard just seemed to big for the darts to me.

Unicorn Sigma pro could be worth a try, but the super pro may be too small.
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A little follow up. The Unicorn Pear shape work well for me if I'm a little lax in my throwing. Little more consistent flight. However, I do keep going back to the DMX flights, and man, when I'm on, I'm crushing it with them. When I'm off, they are going into the board sideways and occasionally bouncing off of the board. I'm starting to learn it is telling me my form is off while throwing.
I use slik sticks on my phase 6 and love them. I find that pears work better for me. specifically dimplex ones. Don't know why, just they fly better with them than regular poly flights in.

I like the dxm flights, but as you said, one poor release and jeez you know about it.

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