Darts keep falling out? Guide to scuffing your points
Would you scuff the black points to stop them going so far into the board?
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Can’t help but buying darts and selling them and using the same old ones I’ve used since I started
(02-10-2019, 03:57 PM)Kaigen Moore Wrote: Would you scuff the black points to stop them going so far into the board?

Depends on the paint.

I've had some darts that come with black points and they feel like they're coated in oil when you pull them from the board. Zero friction. While I've had other black points that stick in the board like they're covered in sandpaper.

For me personally I scuff up every tip. I feel like scuffing the points does just the same as any barbed/ringed tip and you have less chance of ripping out any fibers/destroying a board. You might need a small twist when pulling the darts but that's it.

Basically just scuff the points until you take that gloss/shine off them. The rougher the better. Plus it gives you a bit extra grip if you place any of your fingers on the point.
I personally tend to never have to scuff black or gold points.

With silver points I tend to use a bit of wet and dry about 60 or 80 grit (so, quite course stuff) I tend to fold it around the point and twist the dart the full length of the points (a few times) while applying pressure with my fingers, once done, its not very often, i have to re scuff them, although do tend to keep some wet and dry handy, just in case, including near my board at home and with, any set i take out with me, to throw somewhere else.

Old badly worn boards seem to be the biggest problems for my own throw and darts, falling out, especially  when combined with a very light dart (like 17 g or less) and silver points, so, tend to not throw very light darts, outside of my own board and setting, at home, it saves any potential problems.

Like regulatori mentions above, I would consider scuffing black points if there was a problem with my darts falling out, as well.
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Trying out, red dragon 24g hell fire b, with 41 mm nylon shafts + kite flights (fly well, these).

Other barrels I quite like, are, 24 gram knurled assassins (by harrows).

Various random, other darts, on my rotation, from 20 to 24 grams.

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