Double Top Darts.

Entering my first competition.. How to prepare mentally?
Great story Icedmind. Got much to learn.

Anyway, my second tournament went much better! Lost the first match 2-0 against a really strong player, then won my next 3 games. Lost the next one by missing the T20 on the wire. Great fun!
Be as prepared as possible.

Know the format .. is it best of 3 or round robin or knock out

Does the format change after round 1 or 2 or 3 ... BE PREPARED


Bring snacks ... protein bars .. etc

know when you can go for a bite to eat or a smoke ... plan when you are going to have your lunch or dinner


bring replacement parts .. flights, stems, tip sharpener


have a practice routine while waiting


stay hydrated ... come rested

drink alcohol appropriately


stay focused when something happens on the next board or your opponent does something or says something

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As a lot of others have said. In a sport where your opponent can not affect on your play/score just concentrate on the board & your scoring, if you can, blank out the opponent ,his throw/score, & above all Relax easier said than done in your first /early comps, win or lose just enjoy, or it will be a a maybe (should I do it again) thing.
Well done in your first two competitions, glad you had fun and to finish in the top half first time out is awesome. I'm sure once you can bring your game and not be concerned with others you will enjoy it even more and go even higher.
Played my first comp in 30 years last week and had a great time, great grouping but lots of T1's for me...... But next time I'll be ready Ha Ha
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