Darts practice for beginners?
Hi guys, Phil here, not that Phil (I wish) just took up the game recently and was wondering what is the best routines I should do as a beginner, should I just concentrate on throwing at the 20's first or just play around the board (round the world I think) until I get better?

Just playing at home for the time being but might venture out if I improve.

I am using a 24g Bristow set I got for Christmas, they feel ok to me but after seeing so many different styles on here I don't know if I should stick with them or try others?
Welcome- read the beginner section and practice routines.
Thanks Saber, just starting to check through, might take me a while.
Hello and welcome!

Just have fun playing round the board and getting used to the throw and stance etc, there is lots of routines you can do, check these threads first: https://www.dartsnutz.net/showthread.php?tid=5422

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