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Playing 01 games
I am looking for your opinions on the way I play my 01 games because I am getting too much advice from my team and others about learning the game the so called “right way”.

I know the idea is to lower the score fast however, when throwing at 20 my average score goes down because of the under 10 scores that I hit in just about every game. Instead I have been shooting at 14 and although if I miss badly I should score no lower than 24 three eights or any combination of numbers around 14, considering I don’t miss the board. I have also tried the 15/10 area because I also do well most of the time there.

I know against a much better player I can get left behind quickly however in the “C” division I am in, I am usually in the game and get one or 2 chances to go out before the game ends. When I do the A1 drill from flight school the 20 and 14 are generally my last 2 numbers I need. However, the difference is I hit many triples in 14 which don’t count in the drill, and very very few triple 20’s. Also my splash hits for 14 include triple 11’s where for the 20 it’s 1 or 5.

So, is it in my best interest to start going for 20’s because that is what I will eventually need to get better or play where my present skill allows me to so I am in the game at the end most times?
It makes some sense to not aim for the T20.

You might want to have a look at this site: for statistically optimal targets. The videos are a good animation how that point shifts with your ability. There's also a Java applet to do the calculation for your very own derivation.

So basically it starts somewhere near the bull slightly towards the left side, then walks its way over T16, T19, and finally jumps up to T20.

I wouldn't recommend aiming "somewhere in the middle" though, as you score more when you actually miss, and that's not how to get better. It tells your brain and muscles: "Go ahead and miss to win."

To your opponent, you may look like a moron. Or if he understands it, like a pure beginner. Maybe T19 would be a better choice in the long run.

I am facing the same challenge as yourself. I have also been advised to throw T19 when playing games. But keep practice on the T20
I would always recommend you practice and play the 'correct' way. That goes for outs as well. Just because you're a beginner doesn't mean you should throw at 20's with 123 or 126 left. Learn to do stuff properly the 1st time around and it will get easier in the long run.

So go ahead and blast away at the 20's. The 18's and 12's are right next door, and as a beginner I imagine you might be missing by a couple segments often.

And it's just plain odd to see someone shooting at 14's or there abouts.
Ico there is some really deep information on that link and does explain a few things however most went right over my head.

It does seem that for my accuracy level at the present time the 20's are not in the cards and I may adjust my aim to the 19. If I can get that Java applet to work I will see where I am and maybe what may be my best solution for now. Thanks for the information.

It seems like practice, practice and more practice will be my only solution for the long term.

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