(Dartsnutz University: Advance Level) Wes Newton - Lessons Learned
This is with regards to the previous game between Wes Newton and Cristo Reyes. If you missed that match, check it out at You Tube.

Why did Wes Newton lose the game?

Here's an excellent insight from the darts guru himself - John Lowe.

"I was surprised to hear commentator Rod Harrington say Newton had changed his position at the Oche after some coaching advice, he was told the reason his darts were not going straight was because he was not more central to the board, I have watched Wes for many years and can see the reason his darts do not go straight is because he drops his right shoulder and turns his right arm over, of course position at the Oche is important but as my golf professional once told me, don't... try and change anything in the playing season it will just cause you to think about what you are doing and what you used to do, if you want to change anything major do it when there are no tournaments to play in, I think that was good advice and maybe Wes should have waited till after this the biggest event in world darts was over before he made any changes to his game, sadly he will have all the time he needs now."

This is a really good advice, John!!!
Yeah, not the best timing.

But in all seriousness, standing on the far side of the oche didn't stop Hankey or Bunting from winning a world championship in BDO.
Bad timing or wrong choice to hire a coach who obviously does not understand the pressure in playing in a big tournament.
Well he has been throwing like that for a long time and silly to try changing now
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