attention newbies ,starting darts cheat sheet
hi this is intended to help point all noobs to darts in the right direction.
unlike most sports darts can actually be very cheap to start and to play, but from the experience of being on here and personal experience it wont be as cheap as you may first think ! i hope by passing on what little knowledge i have to save you both time and money. of course like many things a lot may disagree with what i have to say and i'm sure more advice will be posted on this thread so scroll through and read it all.

1st things 1st
research the internet for information on your new sport. you'll do well to sign up to this forum if you are just a guest as you'll enjoy the benefits of discounts at major darts shops , the chance to win FREE stuff , join in with practice routines and challenges.

you may already have a set of darts and a board but if not , well board choice is easy. you either want to get a winmau blade 4 or blade 4 dual core. there are other boards out there that are arguably better , but one of these should do you for your 1st 2 years of playing and the standard blade 4 is tried and tested
now here is where your money will go ! you may start of thinking oh these will do ,but you'll soon find yourself on a quest for the holly grail of darts and spend a small fortune in doing so . this is why i would suggest going straight over to and having a look at these ranges -
eagle darts , elkadarts , hi-tec , harrows , mccoys , pure , ruthless , tommys .
instead of buying the lastest player model or fancy coated £50+ dart buy a few of these in different weights and shapes. i would suggest buying at least 3 sets to begin with (darts can always be traded on here if you don't like them) by the way most UK darts shops post overseas for a reasonable price and you'll save 20% if buying from outside of europe as you don't need to pay VAT. i would say buy a 22g and 24g and a 26g and i would suggest looking for these shapes 1st
the classic bullet shape dart
[Image: 916.jpg]
the bristow type
[Image: 1788.jpg]
the ton machine type
[Image: 1775.jpg]
these are classic shaped darts and will give you a rough idea of where you want to grip and how they feel which will help you in making you next choices.

next you want to set up your darts , which means using different shape/length/size flights and stems. forget metal stems for now and just get some deflectagrip nylons here
buy some extra short , short , tweeny (intermediate) and some mediums. for flights get some r4x ones here buy some slim , kite , pear and standard.
now just mix and match your flights, stems and barrels and see what results you are getting. these are all cheap options ,but you may be surprised to see how many pro players use the same equipment , expensive doesn't necessarily mean better in this game. nylon stems and r4x flights are amongst the best you can get and very cheap.

practice apps ! the best IMO out there is sign up straight away , this app allows you to play against the computer or opponents from around the world , many of which you'll find and make friends with on here.
you can also sign up to this requires you to have a webcam , decent lighting at you board and a good internet speed and computer. playing against other people is the best practice you can get. read more here

so main things here
good dartboard
buy cheap darts/accessories and experiment !
play online
read though the forum and join in
remember we have a chat box on main page too where you can get astoundingly quick answers and information

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Nice thread Jamie, +1 and will stickie it Smile
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great thread Jamie +1 from me
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Great thread Jamie +1 for helping Nutzout, I honestly thought Pro Darter was like the soft tip set up's with electronic scoring panels. Note to self-say RED backwards
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Good stuff Jamie Plus 1
My first good read of the day. Nice post
Nice post Jamie - good advice for all new players
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Great advice I also found changing the weight of flights made a big difference for me. The thicker the better.
(11-24-2014, 06:43 PM)The Big Roberto Wrote: Great advice I also found changing the weight of flights made a big difference for me. The thicker the better.

thats interesting about thicker flights , i'm using l-style ones now and they are more flexible than i thought they'd be . thick 150-300 micron normal flights gave me crazy deflections
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Deflections can be a problem with thicker flights but, for me it makes my darts go into the board flat like Phil Taylor's (but not as good) and I try and put the darts on top of each other. There are thousands of combinations, when I started I bought loads of different shaped and weighted flights and stems too, until I found right one for me.
Wish I had seen this before! :dodgy:
Thank you.
Great advice all around and the only one thing I would disagree with; I must be the only person on this forum who appreciates aluminum stems.

And to add to the recommended board list, one year in and I am still extremely happy with my DMI Bandit board.
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Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

Like this...good job....just what I needed when I started out...but you all helped me there...this makes it easy...all in one place.
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WOW, this is really good information. I wish I had heard this advise before.

thanks for this useful information it will greatly help me

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