One80 Paladin 23g Darts Review
These darts were supplied for review by the manufacturers One80 check their site here: CLICK HERE

Thanks to Mike at Infiniti Darts we have an exclusive 25% discount code for the first 50 purchases of these darts, you can check their shop here:


PM Getagrip, Saber, USMC80, Rebel for the code.

The Paladin darts are from One80's Semi-Pro level range, that does not mean you have to be a semi-pro to use them, I think its more that the grip of the darts is such that you need to have a confident release with it been a high level of grip. If you need a grippy dart the Paladin have a shark / Razor style grip that you can feel taking affect as you push the darts toward the board upon release.

They are a 90% tungsten dart and are handmade to a very high standard. They are supplied with medium nylon stems and standard shape flights. The darts come in this slim line packaging and are cased in what is called a Solibox:

[Image: paladin23g1_zps5aea3aec.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g2_zpsadf58d09.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g3_zps2f57bfda.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g4_zpsa9157617.jpg]

As you can see the Solibox is a hard plastic case with a style all its own and allows the darts to be stored fully assembled albeit with the flights flattened down. The lid lifts off so you can remove the darts. The case is fine and I kind of like it actually, however there is no extra storage space for additional flights and stems.

The darts are a straight barrelled dart with 2 sections of Shark grip separated by a small smooth section in the middles:

[Image: paladin23g5_zps08adcdaf.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g6_zpscb3f70e8.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g7_zpscb7f1739.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g8_zps8aeb01b4.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g9_zps39b0da7d.jpg]

The length of the darts:

[Image: paladin23g95_zps5a742038.jpg]

The Width:

[Image: paladin23g96_zps3a68bfb0.jpg]

The weight of the set up as it comes:

[Image: paladin23g91_zps147b73be.jpg]

Barrels are very closely matched in weight:

[Image: paladin23g92_zpsb8350f76.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g93_zpsdb74e6f9.jpg]

[Image: paladin23g94_zps0ec5af1c.jpg]

The balance point I think was very slightly to the right of centre with the supplied set up:

[Image: paladin23g98_zps2d220d67.jpg]

Here is my grip on these darts:

[Image: paladin23g97_zps23ccbeff.jpg]

These darts retail at £39.99 but are £34.99 at Mikes store and with the 25% discount offered for first 50 purchase that will bring the price to around £26 which is a real bargain!

The One80 range is of a very good quality and I like the fact that the darts are handmade. My one pet hate though is silver points, I always find them very slippy when resting my finger on the point and I much prefer the black coated points. No big deal though, thats just me been picky.

The grip on these darts is quite aggressive and a little off putting for me personally, but you can feel its affect when throwing the dart, it feels like it is picking up an extra forward momentum. As my release is not the best it should be I think it needs a little more concentration on my behalf when throwing such a dart. However if you struggle with your grip you will probably love it.

I have to say though I am impressed with the One80 range of darts, quality is far better than I was expecting and there is some great designs, and you get a more than useful case to keep your darts safe.

I am going to give these 4/5 if the grip was more my style they would get 5/5 for sure. Big Grin
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Replies from old forum:


Darts may only get a 4/5 but your review gets 5/5 as does the fantastic 25% discount!!

Brilliant review once again Darren and fantastic offer on these darts, they don't do it for me personally, a bit long and I hold exactly where there is no grip but they certainly look a steal at £26!

A big +1 from me mate

Aussie Kev

Subject: Re: One80 Paladin 23g Darts Review Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:29 pm

Thanks for another great review. I have a new set of the one80 shadows. Arrived today,
Can you tell us if the 25% is off the hole range of one80 darts or only the Paladin range, as I have just had a look at the Baravarin 23g , and the dart looks like it belongs in my room. Very imprested in the one80 range. Good on ya Grip.


25% is good for only the reviewed item, you can however PM a Administrator for an exclusive discount for DartsNutz members on all products


I will be reviewing the Bavaria soon mate.

Infiniti Darts

Hi guys,

Great review on the One80 Paladin dart.

Just to clear up a couple of things, we are offering 25% on the reviewed item for the first 50 purchases.

We have an exclusive discount code for Darts Nutz forum users of 15%. Please contact the mods for the code.

PLUS until the end of February 2013, we have 20% off the entire stock list using code 'worldcup' during checkout. This was to celebrate One80 player Kim Huybrechts reaching the World Cup final.

So our shop name is Infiniti Darts. Our website is Our Twitter is @one80darts

We exclusively stock One80 Dart products.

Any questions then please let me know.



Thanks Mike!

Aussie Kev

Hi Mike
I am a big fan of the one80 darts and realy like the INTELITE Shaft and flight system.
A very easy system, I will be using it from now on.
Thanks for the discount code.


a bit of fum action lol not sure if anyone else picked that up.


LOL whats wrong wi me fum like?


Terrific review; very comprehensive, plus a great discount for the darts; wish I could justify another purchase!
A note about the Solibox case; there is a sleeve that you can purchase that slips over the hard case that has a couple of pockets for spare flights


Excellent review Grip

As always


thanks for the link not what im aafter 3 types im interested in are the perfect storms 21g or 22g carrera c3 21g both exspensive are maybe the value set i looked at are the performance dart same weight would value your opinion the dart reviews are great 10/10


The Performance darts are great darts too, I have a 25g set and a 23g set, I really like them. They have a nice micro grip barrel but not sure how well that will last as it wears quite quick, so I guess it depends how much grip you need on a dart.

Also when you click on the buy it now button at Pure Darts for the Carreras the price is reduced to £43 I think.

You can click the Buy it now button without actually having to pay for it at that point.


yeah that was my worry about the performance dart you might after a year of use end up with a level one grip on darts the missus thinks i spend to much time on here now lol
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I have me a set of Royden Lam Darts comin!!! Nice Review Grip!!!!
Current Darts: 22g One80 Bavarias
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Thanks Trev!
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As usual a top notch review by Grip!
Have u still got these grip?
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Nope I have them lol.
Fancy a swap?
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Great review, as always, Grip! Thanks!
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Cheers Mark! Smile
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