Set Up Guide For 501
Ico this is cy's thread. Please feel free to create your own with your own views.
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How about some music for both of you. Kinda appropriate!

Now Jugger is in tears too!
Thanks Jaykay! Timely and good call!
This has nothing to do with views. It's just mathematics. I someone wants to think that his darts are dependent on another... call it "religion" or "believe".

If this thread is not open for pointing out errors and misconceptions - so be it. Thought it was a "discussion board".

But I see, it is "his" thread, he is the longer member here. And if he says "taking out 110 is easier than 72 because my darts have blue flights on them" that's how it is. Got it.

Bye for tonight.

Interesting thread Tongue Good original post by the way Cy, must have taken some serious time to write it all out.
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(11-19-2014, 08:23 PM)Cyanide Wrote:
(11-19-2014, 08:17 PM)ico Wrote: Yeah, been there many times... hitting treble, missing the single... saying "DOH". Lol

But if your Lillyfee asks you what you'd like, you surely take the T17 and go the easier route.

And that's why you say "Thank you for the T19" on 129, as your winning chances have just raised about 2x - 3x over the single. Throw the 2nd treble as usual, but get a big fat double. Smile

129 and 127 are nothing alike at all. If the 1st dart goes in the treble they couldn't be more different.

Going at treble 17 (2nd dart) from 127 is fine. But just be aware it carries unneeded risk. Going at the treble 17 is greedy. As a dart player, the more risks you take, the sooner it will bite ya. Remember, make things easier, not harder.

There are numbers I'll go for the treble on the second dart. If it is a treble I really like, or sets up a.double I really like... I'll just go at it. Under do or die pressure. ... I think I would probably take the fat number on the second dart for 2 reasons: Hopefully to ensure a dart at bull with my last, but more importantly, to not force myself to make 2 massive pressure shots in a row. You can tell me all the statistics and probabilities in the world, but that flies out the windows when your heart is pounding, hands are sweating, and maybe even shaking. That's when that 51 to leave 16 carries immense risk.

this chart should be known, but also should be used appropriately. If you're playing double in double out... and your opponent isn't in yet, going 20s on 129 is perfectly fine. It is most important to not screw yourself with an exotic double that splits horribly

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(11-19-2014, 08:33 PM)david the Spartan Wrote:
(11-19-2014, 08:25 PM)Jugger Wrote:
(11-19-2014, 08:20 PM)JayKay Wrote: Wow what's with all the animosity recently?!
Clearly no one will concede so just leave it be. Its like to boxers ruthlessly shadow boxing claiming they win.

Heck I'm mostly confused about the whole dang thing anyways!!

though.... I can whoop the heck out of my shadow!! Sometimes it takes all day until he runs away, but every day... eventually he runs away like the chicken that he is!

i opt to fight jugger!!!
PMSL, Please double check your Dental and surgery plan first TongueBig Grin

shadow :p
obviously your outshots change depending on what you hit, and also the present situation of the match your in etc. Its nice to have a plan of attack but people will have different opinions on the best way to go, that's what makes the game interesting, I think even the pro's get it wrong at times, some of them are brilliant counters and some are terrible but you still see some favour certain numbers/finishes no matter what.
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Excellent stuff. Thanks.
Great post CY and a +1 from me but as devil's advocate surely 129 has got to be 25, T18 (double) Bull LOL. use the first dart as a guide for the last.
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