changed to rear grip (Beaton style): it has upped my game
Recently i have been changing my grip after a period in the doldrums. i dropped from 3 fingers to 2 & went from a front grip to a Beaton style rear grip.

well after a little practice i was shocked at the control it gave me. i thought a rear grip with a front loaded dart woukd be an issue however it just works!

after 18 mths of play it has made me totally re-think my game!
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Best 100 at 20 score: 115 (17/10/18)
Current ave: 95

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that's the thing about this game its what works for you ... good luck.
Congrats- show me ya grip- bet its like the one I use Lol when I changed from 3 fingers to 2 I never looked back
[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
i too would also like to see your grip Smile
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I tried 2 finger grip and I have no control of the dart. I hold the dart at rear (phase 5 mirage)
A two finger rear grip demands that you push the dart through the center of gravity. If you do not, it will go all over the place. With the three finger grip, you could push in any arbitrary direction.
If that front loaded dart is the Hankey 14g, than I'm not surprised it works.
I'm going to try the Hankey darts out myself, as I'm curious for lighter darts at the moment.
Will try your grip as well..Tongue

Good luck with the new grip, and hammer that treble20 real hardBig Grin
I've always been a rear gripper. I use 3 fingers to grip the dart. But I was having a play with the 9Five Gen 2's and tried the 2 finger grip and after a shakey start ended up playing ok and threw a 180 within about 15 minutes. But I switched back as it never felt comfortable and at times I had trouble controlling the dart. I did try it on my Anderson Phase 3's and failed miserably Smile
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2015 180's -133
2016 180s - 23/150
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