My guide to keeping flights on stems.
The new Winmau Stealth system just hit the market along with Cosmo,, Harrows Click,,L-Style,,,no more fiddling bits,,,,a bit on the expensive side ,,,,

For soft tip throwers,,, I think an aluminum stem will always have a place,,,for the price,,,
[Image: w3A1Oz5.gif]
Does the L-style cap fit a Harrows speedline shaft?
(05-22-2015, 10:50 PM)BigE Wrote: Does the L-style cap fit a Harrows speedline shaft?

I wouldn't try a alu stem of any kind on a L-Style flight, the flights are a little different at the base than regular flights. It would probably ruin the flights
Actually, speedline is plastic, keramik is the aluminum version. Slightly different weight at the same length.
I have a set of Speedines and tried it out with L Style punched flights/Shell Lock cap.

The problem with that type of stem is it has a TIGHT fit on the flight. With a standard plastic stem, the flight just slides on's the cap that really makes them snug. Maybe your Speedlines are well worn but mine took a little force to get the flight to fully seat.

Now the problem is that the flight itself has a large bullet shaped hole for the cap. There isn't a lot of plastic material in front the punched section so if you try to push a flight onto one of these stems, the flights will start to crumble/bend because of that weak area.

Also, a standard plastic stem's tip is just barely covered by the L Style cap. You're going to have a gap/space around the cap/stem if you use those narrow stems. I'm not sure how long the flights will last because on a normal stem, that cap fits snugly. If a dart hits that cap section, both the cap/stem will together absorb the impact since it acts like a single piece. With your stem setup, the cap doesn't fit tight on the stem and the whole flight will flex since the thin plastic cap is taking all of the force. Not sure if that plastic will get cracked/flight will tear or bend in that area.

It's hard to explain without pictures.
Thanks for the explanation. I'll just buy a pile more shafts. The speedlines seem to break more easily than regular plastic shafts. Sort of like the aluminum shafts that they emulate, except for bending, they will snap.
And here I am thinking you were going to say a little drop of Super Glue does the trick.

Don't laugh, I've done this in the past in emergencies when I was out of shafts and had spread or broken prongs on my nylon shafts.
Hey Jeff, what a fantastic article (+1)!

I've been away from darts for a while and now that I'm out cruising the dart sites again I have started seeing references to the flight punches and couldn't figure out what the heck they were all about. Why would I want to punch holes in my flights?!!

Also when I was throwing your darts the other night I noticed the odd red bits which looked like the old Alamo shaft top. I should have looked more closely. I now think I recognize it as the insert used with a punched flight.

My feeling was that I'd always rather my flight pop off to allow closest grouping and least much of a pain as it can be to chase the flights down (especially since I typically use clear flights which can be challenging to find.) I also really like the old soft/reseal flights and was disappointed to learn they aren't made any longer. Not sure how long my small stash will last! Sad

I have used stem rings and crowns in the past but this was more to prevent my nylon shafts from breaking from robin-hoods than it was to keep the flight on. Crowns were my preference but I would occasionally get a dart point caught in them that I suspect may have otherwise made it to the board. Either way, I certainly concur with your stance of the nylons being superior to the other shaft styles in most situations. I still use aluminum on some of my soft tip darts but thankfully I don't have to break those out too often. Smile

Anyway, thanks for the informative article. Really great content here.
Great post! I, too, am tired of the random flight that decides it needs a rest midgame.

Just ordered the L Punch and am anxious to see how well this works.
Target Taylor 9 zero soft and steel tip 

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