My guide to keeping flights on stems.
Good post Regulatori!!!! Keep on chuggin' the coffee Smile
Excellent,,,,, I just asked this the other day,,,
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thanks, mate! wish this was up earlier as i must of perused a dozen posts and asked half a dozen questions myself.

anyway, my punch(the harrows one) and Buntings are at kennedy airport right now! Big Grin hopefully here in just a couple more days...

keep up the good work-
(11-09-2014, 04:01 PM)slot Wrote: +1 for you but as i said a couple times the best way is to use Target pro grip stems and with coiled stem ring, when its coming expanding just turn it around and u got a new stem, i do that so many times that u have nice strong stem and durable.

great idea slot. for some reason i never thought of using normal springs with pro grip shafts. gonna try this tonight.
Very informative post, nice work. I like the little titanium pro grip rings myself
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excellent post. thanks. i use the harrows punch myself and swear by it. flights never come out. unfortunately i have lost the little plastic cover that fits underneath the punch.
Shell lock punch. I think I just found the solution for my problems. Looks way more solid than the usual ring through the flight. Thanks for sharing this.
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I'm on the same set of plastic Shell Lock caps for the past 3 months now...never a robin hood/break, etc.. Even my cheap plastic stems have survived the whole time even with heavier darts.
Since the OP I have since bought from Pure Darts the Target Titanium slot rings and a Harrows slot punch and some of the Deflectagrip stems,,,,so far no complaints,,, great system,,,,,,, not had a flight come off ,,,,,

(Tip) Deflectagrip stems come in more sizes than the other brands and are less expensive,,,,,,Buy 1 set of each size to try with each and every set of darts you own ,,, or plan to own,,,,sort of the swiss army knife of plastic stems,,,,
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Cosmos if you have money

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