Based on how the number ring mounts I would say no. The Bandit plus has the little tabs built into the plastic ring, not the standard style you see in the advantage 3.
[Image: shotbanditplusdartboard.png]
(04-21-2013, 09:18 AM)Getagrip Wrote: Nice one Trev! have a +2!

Was the board delivered inside another box or did it just come like that as the damage to the box is a bit worrying, board seems fine though.

I am surprised you say its soft though, I wonder if they have changed the density as the Bulls 2 was very hard I thought. They have improved the spider over the Bulls 2 though but the joins were the weak spots on the Bulls 2. The board is nice and bright though which is one thing I liked about the 2.

Not sure there was a problem, well not with the Bulls Advantage 2 boards I've had anyway??
I'm on my second one which has been fully rotated now and still in great condition with no spider problems which not much of the wire is above the face(1mm to 2mm Max).
My first board still going strong at work too and again no spider problems
Their the best board I've played on and I've even got a new 3rd Advantage 2 put away although I've recently got a Unicorn hd2 baoard as going for a PDC looking set up at the moment.
I would not hesitate to recommend a Bulls Advantage dartboard to anyone as just quality...enough said!

Edit: never had a problem with darts falling out unless they had a shiny new silver points fitted but problem solved by roughening them up.
But I do have to say that I throw with 24g to 26g darts with firm direct throwing technique does help too.
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We got one of these as our Match board and had nothing but trouble with darts dropping out, fortunately I throw quite hard and they stay in but my son throws a 21 g dart and even with diamond points he still gets a lot of drop outs especially when closely grouped !!.  caused a lot of complaints from other Teams !.

It actually "sounds" harder when the dart hits it ( if that makes sense ? ), if I had to make a "middle ground" decision it would be the Unicorn or Target Pro boards, never had any trouble with them, Blade 4 way too soft,

Its all down to personal preference,  but not a favourite of ours,
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"Hopefully I`ll get to throw 3 in Heaven before the Devil finds out I`m dead" !

[Image: S2xtmfG.png]
Been using one of these boards for over 3 years now, so thought i'd add to this review with a long term opinion.

First pic, . .  the first one i've got in my photo-library, . . dated 30th March, 2015.      Brand spankin' new !

[Image: CGi2Dk3.jpg]

I'm certain that it had just been put up in this pic, cos i wouldn't have used it long in this position, before rotating the T20 away from the 'home' position !  No more than a couple of days, just enough time to admire the new board in all it's glory !!!

So this board has now been in continous use for 3 years & 3 months.  For the first couple of years use, averaged out over that time, i'll probably roughly estimate at about 30 mins minimum a day (weekday), and prob 2 to 3 hrs minimum on a weekend.

For the last year i've been taking it a lot more serious, with lots more pratice, . . an 'every-other week' friendly/practice session of a couple of hours each, . .  and numerous weekend friendly tournaments of about 4 to 5 hours.

So, all in all, i think it's had a decent battering in it's time. And it's still not looking too shabby !

A general view of the board, taken today . . .

[Image: L15xxz2.jpg]

The orignial '20' bed, which hasn't been used as the 20 bed since the board was put up. Still looks brand new !!!
Obviously been thrown at a fair amount in 3 years, as its made it's way around the board under the guise of all the other segment numbers, but still, little sign of wear !

[Image: QVr5LJZ.jpg]

The bullseye, well used but perfectly intact !  To be fair, this close up pic makes it look worse than it does to the naked eye.

[Image: xsHweUk.jpg]

The most badly worn part of the board, currently the 14 bed area. A little bit sunken on the surface, but not a lot else to complain about . . .

[Image: JXIqDbW.jpg]

And a pic from the oche, can't believe how little sign of age it's showing !

[Image: VwMgFF3.jpg]

Been a brilliant board, & could last a lot longer yet ?
Hardness has never been a issue for me. I would decribe it more as firm, than hard. A 23g dart, with a medium throw will stick in about 10mm. Perfect !

Was funny the first night a mate came round for a game about a year ago. Darts straight out the case & up at the oche as soon as he came in the house. Threw 3 darts, and it was almost as if the board was spitting his darts straight back out again ! He looked horrified !  His points were super-duper shiny, so a quick twizzle in scotchbrite & all was well. No further issues.

This board is lasting so long, that i've still got 2 brand new boxed Blade 4's upstairs !!!   Big Grin

Edit: Oh, and mine came delivered only in the manufacturers box as well, with no additional protection !!! From Chunky Cheese ! Luckily it survived Wink

[Image: im_not_crazy_my_mother_had_me_tested_bum...a64fe6.jpg]
Match Darts : MvG 23g Masterdarts  /  Dartboard : Bulls Advantage 3
One of the best boards ever made IMHO. mint
I'm glad the board in the original post of this thread isn't mine, the badly aligned number ring is enough to make a guy mental argh ...Where's my Xanax   Cool

Three years on and still looking decent, can't ask for a better value than that.

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