Tungsten Putty tutorial for adding weight to soft/steel tip darts
I've mentioned in the past about tungsten putty and how it's quite beneficial for players wanting to add weight or change the weight balance of a steel or soft tip dart.

Say you have 21g darts and find the 23g version has the same exterior dimensions as your 21s. You can often bring your 21g's right up to 23g's depending on how much your dart is drilled out.

Let's say you have a front heavy soft tip dart that you want the tail to land flatter...again, adding weight in the rear will often correct this issue.

First of all, where to purchase:
Tungsten putty can be found in hobby shops (used for pine car derby's) or fishing stores (used for adding weight on a line).
Doing a quick google search will give you tons of online stores that carry it.

You don't need a lot for darts. A 1oz container = 28 grams. That's plenty for numerous sets.

It comes in a dart grey blob. At first it may feel slightly hard but you can break off a piece and rub it between your fingers to make it easily pliable. It can then be formed to various shapes and fill tight spaces (like the drilled out section inside a dart). It also leaves no residue on your fingers or your darts. If you've ever used silly putty, it has very similar physical characteristics.

It's also non-toxic and environmentally friendly...no lead, etc..

How to use it.

First you need to realize this stuff IS surprisingly heavy for even a small piece. Then you need to figure out your goal.

For soft tip players, you can often add a small piece in the cavity behind the soft tip point threads. You may have to experiment to make sure you don't add too much so your soft tip points are unable to fully thread tightly. Even a small amount will affect the balance since it's at the very tip of the barrel.

For steel tip, all you can do is add it behind the stem threads. Before ordering, make sure your darts have room with a decent drilled out section. A set like Barnevelds that have only a small amount of space beyond the rear threads won't benefit since there won't be anywhere to add putty without interfering with the stem threads.

Here is an example of the small size of a piece of a putty and how much it weighs. I put it next to a stem ring for size comparison.

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First test: Soft tips

I'm going to add some weight to a set of Trinidad Gomez soft tip darts. The added benefit of using tungsten putty on soft tips is you can use it on both sides of the barrel.

Here is the original weight of the barrel with no putty...

Here you can see how much this dart is drilled...both steel points have standard Unicorn tips.

[image removed...stupid host changed the image.]

First I'll just add some putty to the nose area behind the soft tip point.

Roll a tiny bit

Pack it in the nose of the barrel using the back side of a drill bit that's slightly smaller than the barrel cavity.

Use a point and poke around to make sure you got all of the air bubbles out.

Pack it one final time with the drill end to flatten it out inside.

Now screw in a soft tip point to see if you have enough room. At this point you can add or remove just tiny pieces to get a perfect space for the tip to screw into. For small pieces I use a point and just dig up a tiny chunk, discard it, and pack the remaining back in.

Looks great!

Now let's see how much weight was gained just by adding putty just in the nose.

Not bad. As you can see, that's almost .50 grams just from the small cavity behind the tip. That will definitely give the dart slightly more front loading.

Time for the rear section. This dart has a decent size drilled rear area.

Again..small pieces at a time. It's the exact same process as above.
-add small pieces
-use the back of the drill bit to push them down
-use a dart point to poke out any air bubbles
-push the drill bit in one more time.
*repeat until you've built up enough so it's near the threads*

Do a test fit with a stem.
Again, use a point to remove an excess and then flatten it one final time with the flat end of the drill bit.


Now for the final weight with tungsten putty in the front/rear.

Not bad! That's barrel only too...that's 2 more grams added. With the dart, soft tip, stem/flight, you're looking at a 20gram soft tip dart.

Now let's try it on a steel tip.

I'm using John Part Golden Hero's. They're a very narrow dart....6.10mm wide and 50.80mm long.

Here is the original weight...

It has a small cavity but at a huge disadvantage due to the narrow width.

Again, same process.
With a narrow dart, you may want to use smaller pieces. That way you can get all of the air bubbles out and make sure you're filling up the space completely. It's much easier to accidentally leave pockets if you're rushing and trying to add too much at once....and with a narrow dart it just compounds the issue.

Same steps again.

Roll up a small piece...

Push it in....

Use the point to remove air bubbles.

(forgot to take a pic of this...same as the soft tip)

Repeat until you're near the threads.

Now for the stem test.


And for the minor weight addition?

1 gram isn't bad for such a narrow dart. I found this dart balanced a lot better for my type of throw...it felt more like a Barneveld which makes sense since his darts are barely drilled out.


Two ways of doing it. Using a dart point or the blade side of a drill.
At first it can be a semi-pain...but after a few times, it's easy.  

The dart point is a good way to start...you use the tip to just dig out small sections. The trick is to pull out the pieces slowly in order to get larger pieces at once.

The drill trick is the fastest. Just put the drill inside and twist firmly by hand. The putty will thread right up the drill blades and can be removed easily with no residue.

If you want to be fast, you can hook up the bit to a light household drill and the tungsten will come out in a few seconds.

Checking inside...all clean!

So that's how you use this stuff. Again, how much weight you're able to add depends on your darts. A hollow dart like a 14g Hankey definitely can add 2-3 grams....but a shallow drilled dart might give you .50 grams which isn't much.

PM me if you feel like trying it and have any questions.

Good luck.
great thread +1
[Image: drUF6Pb.png]
Very cool! I will be trying this soon enough I already know it.
[Image: 1fbJnZW.png]
Great thread! For the folks out there with a bit of ocd you can use this stuff to make all 3 darts weigh exactly the same too. Forget about match weighted darts. Now they can be perfect. Awesome reading +1
Another +1 from me - great bit of info, very useful post - cheers Smile
[Image: Adyds3t.jpg]
Excellent tutorial! Nice idea to use that too, I like it Smile

+1 from me Smile
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I highly recommend this scale. It's very inexpensive and often rebranded/sold for a much higher price.


It reads up to 100 grams in 0.01g increments.

If you live in the US, an easy way to make sure it's properly calibrated from the factory (and after being bounced around in shipping) is to stack 10 nickels on it (50 grams total). I tried that when mine first came in the mail and got 50.00g.

It's super accurate and a must if you want to use the putty.

Plus it's nice to have in case you want to buy used darts from a friend and have no idea about the weight...or just OCD like me and feel the need to weigh every set to see how closely matched all three darts are together.

You'll find yourself weighing everything though...and be surprised at the difference in the weight of plastic stems in the same size from various companies.
Excellent tutorial! Nice job. +1 from me and deserves a sticky.
You don't mess with The Voice of Reason. You have the right to be wrong.

think thats the same scale I have Smile
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I moved thread to tips and tutorials section Smile
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Using this method it would make sense for people to buy the 22g Target 9Fives and you'd be getting many darts in 1. The back is so hollow you could prob squeeze 2-3 grams in there? That way you could have 1 set of darts but many ranges of weights.
Man am I had you started posting over here! Big +1Big Grin very thorough and we'll thought out tutorial
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+1 buddy well done, might be trying this on some of my darts.
Anyone have a set of 14g Hankey's? I forgot how deep they are. If I remember right it was something like 30mm deep? Curious to know if you could add 3g.
14g Hankey's are almost totally hollow. I'm guessing there is only a small divider of tungsten between where the point stops and the drilled out area begins.

Of all the darts I messed with, 14g Hankey's gave me the most room/could add the most weight. I remember them getting up to 16.5g-ish maybe even 17g.

Be warned though, getting ALL of the tungsten putty out of the Hankey's was a bit challenging. I ended up using a small electric drill/small bit. Think the Hankey's were the only barrel I had to resort to using a drill because the putty could be packed so deeply.

I'm guessing you would get similar results with 12g Buntings.

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