Tungsten Putty tutorial for adding weight to soft/steel tip darts
Using this method it would make sense for people to buy the 22g Target 9Fives and you'd be getting many darts in 1. The back is so hollow you could prob squeeze 2-3 grams in there? That way you could have 1 set of darts but many ranges of weights.
Man am I had you started posting over here! Big +1Big Grin very thorough and we'll thought out tutorial
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+1 buddy well done, might be trying this on some of my darts.
Anyone have a set of 14g Hankey's? I forgot how deep they are. If I remember right it was something like 30mm deep? Curious to know if you could add 3g.
14g Hankey's are almost totally hollow. I'm guessing there is only a small divider of tungsten between where the point stops and the drilled out area begins.

Of all the darts I messed with, 14g Hankey's gave me the most room/could add the most weight. I remember them getting up to 16.5g-ish maybe even 17g.

Be warned though, getting ALL of the tungsten putty out of the Hankey's was a bit challenging. I ended up using a small electric drill/small bit. Think the Hankey's were the only barrel I had to resort to using a drill because the putty could be packed so deeply.

I'm guessing you would get similar results with 12g Buntings.
Great idea. Thanks for the tip. Never would have thought of this.
I must have missed this when I was back in Scotland for a couple of weeks. great thread buddy +1 from me too
[Image: fXeMWag.png]
Thank you for the guide!

Very beneficial especially to a new player like myself!
Would packing the putty in the stem side make a dart land more tail down,,,?
[Image: w3A1Oz5.gif]
Yeah, how much depends on your grip/throw/stem and flight setup, etc..

I actually prefer non-hollow/non-drilled out darts unless the dart is totally drilled out (like a 14g Hankey).

I've pretty much only throw Barneveld darts because of this...all of his darts are solid tungsten right up to the rear threads.

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