DART POINTS - Everything You Need To Know (Mostly)
Here's some info about a few different dart points available out there...

[Image: eq3389.jpg]

L Style hard lip points for steel tip boards.

Pro's -

They are very lightweight. Similar to a soft tip point

They are very gentle on your steel tip board. You could use these for months on end and you'll have ZERO damage to your spider. A dart board will last MUCH longer using these.

Very gentle on dart flights. They cause no damage to flights at all

Cons -

They wear out extremely quick (get shorter)


They will discolor your board. Sort of similar to taking a pencil and poking your board. It will turn segments a dark color over time.

Once they wear down to nubs you'll get lot's of bounce outs

My Opinion -
These are good points for someone who plays mostly soft tip but wants to practice once in a while on a steel tip board. If you spend a lot of time on a steel tip board then give these a pass. They'll wear down much too quick. Also a bit expensive. Overall I give these a 1 out of 5. ★☆☆☆☆

[Image: nn6s5y.jpg]

Target Titanium Conversion Points

Pro's -

Price. They are VERY affordable

Variety. They come in different colors

These are also light and won't throw the balance of a dart off like some conversion points.

They're long lasting. One set should last quite some time.

They stick in the board very well

Very gentle on flights


None that I can thing of

My Opinion -
These are the best option for a conversion point imo. They're long lasting and with the optional colors you can customize any dart. An excellent choice for any level dart player. Overall these get 5 out of 5 stars ★★★★★

[Image: 2aj9ted.jpg]

Standard silver, black, or gold points

Pro's -

They come standard on nearly every set of darts released

Numerous lengths available

The black and gold points hold in the board really well

Used by nearly all the top professional players

Will last years

Price - super cheap to replace


Sharp versions of these will chew up your dart board spider leading to more frequent bounce outs

The silver ones will fall out of the board easier. Simple scuffing will prevent this though.

My Opinion -

Normal points have been tried and tested for decades. They're used by most all top professionals worldwide. You can get them in nearly any length and they will last for years on end. Although I think there are better choices you really can't go wrong with plain ole points. Overall these get 5 out of 5 stars ★★★★★

[Image: 29fte9t.jpg]

Target Storm Points

Pro's -

Looks. While this could be debated, most will agree they make a dart look very slick. The smooth transition they make where the point meets the barrel can't be beat

Cost - While these cost around $8 they will more then pay for themselves with the amount of money you'll save in flights

One of the best features about Target Storm points is they create a smooth transition at the front of most barrels and this helps increase the life of flights by weeks and months. If you're a Cosmo user or have any other sort of expensive flights these are the points for you

The black and gold ones really stick in the board well. It takes quite a tug to remove them

The point itself. It's somewhat dull and actually preserves your dart boards spider over time. The bullseye wires won't get chewed up quite so quick.

Reduces wild deflections


The grooved ones have been known to break

They don't work with some repointer machines

Oddly, not used by any top professionals, even Target sponsored players.

My Opinion -

I truly believe these are one of the greatest innovations in all of darts right behind tungsten and spider wire boards. When I first tried these years ago I couldn't believe how well they preserved my flights. That alone made them perfect in my eyes. I also noticed they reduced the wild deflections I used to get when the dart lip met up with the top of my flight. It was 100% eliminated. The darts now glided past each other. Did it make me a better player? I'd say yes, but keep in mind, my darts land in the board very flat. So they need to be able to glide past each other without deflecting. Your experience could vary if your darts stand up in the board. Oddly, no top professional's use these and it blows my mind. How can something be so praised across all dart forums but not be seen at the highest level of play? Must be a sponsorship thing surely? From a personal standpoint the smooth ones are all around incredible dart point. From everything I've experienced and read about them I'd rate them a 5 out of 5 ★★★★★
However, I think you're taking a gamble with the grooved ones. They just seem so fragile and I've read about quite a few of them snapping. Some don't have any problems with them, others snap them in ½ their 1st day playing with them. Due to the reported breakage these get 3 out of 5 stars. ★★★☆☆

[Image: 2upxr3a.jpg]

Gripper Points


As the name suggests, they grip the board extremely well


Used by a few professionals. They can't afford to have darts falling out of the board. So these are a good choice

Great for local leagues or any sort of competitive play


They will destroy your board! Not recommended for home use unless you don't mind buying dart boards more frequent then normal

My Opinion -

A good point choice if you're worried about losing darts on the floor. Otherwise, I don't feel like you need to use these at all. Board wreckers. They get 1 star out of 5 from me. ★☆☆☆☆

[Image: 256a1qp.jpg]

Target Diamond Points


They look pretty awesome

They grip the board extremely well

Decent price

Long lasting


Like gripper points, these are rough on a dart board. They pull small pieces of sisal out of the board.

My Opinion -

These are slightly less damaging to your dart board then the knurled gripper points. However, they will still cause more damage to a board then regular points. For that reason alone, I wouldn't use them at home. If you need a set of points for tournament play and don't won't to worry about losing darts by having them fall out of the board, use these. I rate these 2 out of 5 stars ★★☆☆☆

[Image: 2ufrmz6.jpg]

Cosmo Titanium Points


They replicate the same exact dimensions as their soft tip points. Which is great for the soft tip player that wants to try out steel tip.

Weight is kept to a minimum at right over 1 gram

Also comes in stainless steel version


Extremely expensive

The tips will develop burrs rather quickly

The shorter points bury themselves up to the barrel

Leaves larger holes in the board. Loosens the sisal

They're very fat and don't stick in the board well at all.

My Opinion -

These were some of the first different type of conversion points to be made available. But they came at great cost. Upwards of $30us. I had the 25mm ones at 1st and found my darts going into the board nearly to the barrel. I then got the 28mm ones and that cured the problem. The tips seemed to flatten out after a good bounce out. Repeated bounce outs and the points were junk. Due to cost and flat points these get no stars out of 5. ☆☆☆☆☆

[Image: 2ba_convertion.jpg]
[Image: conversion_p.jpg]
[Image: en_2ba_convertion_pop-570x321.jpg]

Monster Conversion Points No5 & 2BA


They come in longer lengths than other conversion points
The price is reasonable at $10.00us a set
They look absolutely awesome. Best looking conversions imo
Decent weight. Won't upset a darts balance


As I haven't personally used these I can't comment.

My opinion -

As I said, I haven't tried these or seen them in real life. But wow o' wow!!! These things are incredibly awesome looking. A few members have posted pics of them here on the forum and based on what I've seen I wouldn't hesitate to plunk down $10.00 on them. In fact, I have a set of soft tip darts on the way and I'll prob buy a set of the 2ba at our sponsor A-Z darts really soon. So, going by what I've seen here on Dartsnutz and knowing what an awesome company Monster is I'm giving these 5 stars out of 5. ★★★★★
Great post cy! Although I must say I believe Taylor used the storms recently on his target darts. I'm sure someone posted a picture on here somewhere. I will try dig it out. +1
[Image: fXeMWag.png]
(10-22-2014, 05:17 AM)JayKay Wrote: Great post cy! Although I must say I believe Taylor used the storms recently on his target darts. I'm sure someone posted a picture on here somewhere. I will try dig it out. +1

Yes, he used them for a short period of time. Then ditched em
I thought he resurrected his interest recently using them? Could be wrong :p
[Image: fXeMWag.png]
The gripper points you were a little tough on. They aren't that rough on the board. What they ARE rough on is the barrel. Many times after putting in these points, other points are loose like sloppy seconds.

I've also heard of these breaking a lot... how? No idea.

Keeping dart retailers in business since 2012.
[Image: DODLCOMPETITOR1_zpsff2d8071.png]
(10-22-2014, 06:27 AM)Milkysunshine Wrote: The gripper points you were a little tough on. They aren't that rough on the board.

I don't make this stuff up.

Bunting v van Gerwen after 35 minutes of pounding the treble 20. Regular points...

[Image: 2mgjnkw.jpg]

Wade v Thornton BOTH using gripper points after 50 minutes of pounding the treble 20...

[Image: 2ryfuyu.jpg]

Good point on the damage these points do to the barrel due to installing and uninstalling them.
great post Cy +1 good info! Smile
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Thanks for the review and really nice info hope to see similar to this with flights/stems +1. Cyanide, so with l-style hard lip points with they wear quickly with what you mean?

(10-22-2014, 09:13 AM)slot Wrote: Cyanide, so with l-style hard lip points with they wear quickly with what you mean?

The Hard Lips started life as a 25mm point. This is after 2-3 weeks of constant use. Approx 1-2 hours per day. Give or take.

[Image: 1479dx.jpg]
[Image: jh7f9c.jpg]
may all the doubles be with you


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