Consecutive Bullseye Challenge
Nine for me too.


Cheers for the Zagatos Rodney they are going nicely! Smile
Board - Gladiator 2 

Darts - Unicorn Aiden Kirk 22g

Best Leg 12 darts at last! 29/12/2017
Best Checkout 164

[Image: N9nezdF.png]

Another 9
Play like it means nothing when it means everything

[Image: RqGF7IG.png]

Big Grin
6!!! typical when i pack the webcam away i hit this, i'll take it though Smile

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Fave players- Wade/Barney
Board used-Blade4
Darts used-Unicorn Aidy Lewis

[Image: ky85rVT.png]

3 25's, I think I lost my momentum while taking a pic lol, should have just went for 4 but thought I want to get a pic first:

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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
got a 6 on vid with black ice and a 6 with wright darts
see if i can out do it
you count 180's
i'm counting money

25,25,25,25,25,25,25,bull =9
managed 7 last night 3x25 1x50 1x25 1x50 1x25
(10-06-2014, 03:35 PM)david the Spartan Wrote:

Another 9

Nice one Dave.... excellent throwing....should have been 10 though what happened to that last dart Sad... I was thinking definitely a triple bull here.Big Grin


P.S. I like the look of the way your darts are landing too...very nice action.
Son of Merlin

Caerleon - Wales

(Monster "Milkman" - 22.4Gm, Smooth Gold Points 36mm, Yellow Kite Shape Flights 100 micron & Solid Brass Stems)

[Image: 0mbrxgh.png]

My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

9 dart run. I could only string 3 in a row, but hit first 3 darts thrown in the 25. Miss, bull, 25, and then another Miss, bull, 25. 9 marks on 9 darts. I know I am improving. The practice is slowly paying off. Was hitting well on all the cricket numbers yesterday. If I get a good mornings sleep, maybe I can break my string of three.
[Image: BJ8F7UG.png]

Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...


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