Pro Darter App - Online Dart Scorer / Practice Tool

Pro Darter started as a personal project due to the fact that I didn't find any scorer program which fit my needs and wishes.
My main goal was to make something which will help me in my practice routines and improve my game.
After some weeks of development I decided to make it available for anyone.

See more details at

Pro Darter will save detailed statistics of your matches which will help you to have an precise overview how your progressed in your game.
Furthermore it's possible to chat & play against your friends in online mode, or play against a trainer with your individual strength (1-8 level)

Pro Darter will constantly be updated with new features, options and games.
I would love to hear some feedback from you guys.
If you have some tips, improvements or wishes for the service, just let me know.
Pro Darter Update 1.4

Pro Darter has just been updated to 1.4

• Player Room (chat room with all online players to arrange matches)
• Webcam (your online matches can now be supported by a webcam)
• Extended Profile infos
• Match Comments (you can now add some comments to your matches)
• Double-Out/Master-Out/Straight-Out or Double-In/Straight-In has been added
• History matches vs. Friend
• and some small features + bugfixes

Would love to hear some feedback
Thank you guys for signing up.

Quote:Cricket program needs help. The cpu just hits random numbers. I played the computer 0n 501 a few matches and that seems okay though.
Yes, the cricket cpu hits random numbers. I can't play "logical darts" yet. But I probably will optimize this.

Quote:It shows that I have 2 messages now (weird considering I haven't played a game yet) but when I click on it nothing comes up. Not sure what is going on with it.

I guess you mean the "private chat" area on the upper right corner, don't you? You can receive messages from another user although you haven't played a match yet. The fact that nothing is showing up is strange. There should be a sidebar comming from the right.
If this is happening again you can do a printscreen and show me, this would help me.
I just checked it and there was indeed a small problem on the bull.
The issue should now be solved and it should be ok.

Thanks for pointing that out.

yes, currently only the participants can see the match result.
For those who are not logged in will be redirected to the login, and for others there will be a blank page because they have no permission to see the page.

I guess you prefer to make it open for all, don't you?
I will think about this option.
Good News.
The next update (probably next week) will include a sharing option with an url which will be available for anyone & a Facebook/Twitter share button.

See the Pro Darter Facebook/Twitter page to stay up to date.
Yes, the new update is now online.

- Temporary Storage
- Caller Sounds
- Camera Rating
- Share your Matches

Have fun and Good darts.
Pro Darter is now online again.
There was some server issue, but all should be fine now.

The Caller should also work on Firefox. I does so on my PC.
Hey Guys, the new update (1.5) has been released.

What's new:
- New Practice game "100 Darts at"

- Optimized Trainer for x01 (The scoring & checking of the Trainer (cpu) has been optimized. It now plays more like a real dartplayer.

- New "Start To Throw" choice (The start to throw choice has been moved into the game itself. This allows you to bullout to know who will start to throw)

- Cricket update (webcam,undo function + temporary save)

- Optimized communication
Hey, just did a very small update which mainly contains some bugfixes and this:

- show best of sets on scorer
- higher contrast (some had some visibility issues depending the screen settings)

Godd Darts.

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