What I've learned about selecting darts
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I would also add in that what you see online isn't always what you get. I've ordered barrels that looked different from the photos and also didn't feel anywhere close to what I thought the grip would be. That being said, we are very fortunate that almost every dart online has its dimensions listed and usually more than one photo. My tip would be to get as much information as you can before ordering a set of darts.
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Just look for a review
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i agree with all of this although one thing i would say is that the darts i have stuck with now for over 2 months felt very alien at first, to the point where i had put them in my drawer after a couple of days with the intention of selling.
i got them back out on a whim and decided to spend a little time getting the set up right. they are now without doubt my favourite set of darts ever and i have no desire to change or even to try any of my other sets. like most on here i have brought so many sets trying to find the ones.
i think it is important, after you buy a set, to spend some time to get used to them. they could well be the ones, but you may need a little time to adjust to them first.
Good post. Point D especially. Being able to transfer each dart from the holding hand to the throwing hand and get the same grip over and over without having to think or fiddle or look away from the target, to me, is huge.
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Agree a great post. I find I throw most any dart equally as poorly. Some are better than others though
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good advice for the new player !
Of course this is a great topic. We all must deal with this. My thoughts, first you have to decide what brings you the most enjoyment. If you want to take less time to become great, but restrict yourself to one set, stick with one set. If you want to be proficient with any dart you pick up, you have to throw different darts. Darts are individuals. You have to spend time with each of them. Putting in time with many darts is the long road around, no doubt. I just think it is more fun playing different darts. Throwing different darts is more fun to me. I try not to load up on one category, but rather get tokens of styles. I am getting maximum enjoyment from darts. Who knows? Maybe when I am 85 I'll be kicking some major donkey. For now, I be cursing the ones and fives. The peak of rotten darts, treble 12s and 18s, when aiming for 20. Rotten luck for us nailing treble ones and fives. Darts punish the smallest mistakes. Give up and flail about and it ain't so bad. 54! 36! Just saying' Buy darts and toss 'em.
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Great post Dorian. Awesome info. Smile

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