Show us your darts trophies or medals
Here are a few.


[Image: IMG_0707_zpsfc5asnol.jpg]

[Image: im_not_crazy_my_mother_had_me_tested_bum...a64fe6.jpg]
Match Darts : MvG 23g Masterdarts  /  Dartboard : Bulls Advantage 3
My league hands out these mugs for your first Ton80, 171 and round of 9

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Match darts: Colonial Customs with Fit Titanium #5, Rocket Air Flights
Instagram: n_scaccia
(05-18-2018, 09:17 AM)Scooter916 Wrote: My league hands out these mugs for your first Ton80, 171 and round of 9

That's pretty cool trophies, i like them it's uncommon Smile
[Image: LEQ8Gu0.jpg?2]

nice little haul form finals night last week.

there is a league runners up
Pairs champ and blind pairs champ.

the big one in the middle is for the blind pairs.
[Image: 42242889_319253461988858_370622303171929...e=5C2A3C53]

Even I can finally add my first trophy as a darts player. It took about 10 months and a lots of work. Hopefully not the last one. Smile

P.S. I have ended second. Big Grin
2019 171s: 2
2019 180s: 7
2019 highest checkout: 151
2019 best leg: 18 darts

It's Ally Pally about the Darts, guys!  Moddarts Moddarts 
Back in July I chucked my final arrows in my last local league game in Cyprus.
Been back in the UK and IOM for the last two months, but now back in Cyprus.
Being a none Faceacher, I had no idea who'd won, but I knew I was in with a shout.
Tonight was the presentation night, a slap up meze and as much as you could drink, all paid for, a good start to the evening!

Well, it turns out my partner, (chosen at random), and I were runners up in the doubles league, we lost one game, the winners won all their games.
It transpires that I won the singles league, I won by one game!

[Image: Yjt7UTP.jpg]

Not too shabby as I hadn't chucked a dart for 5 years, until April this year.
I didn't expect to win the league, there is another player who scores more heavily than I do.
My average lingers around 55 to 60, however I know his not doubles are as good as mine though! Big Grin
Congrats. More pressure to win by one game than have it a rout and win by a landslide. That will test your "bottle" more as the Brits like to say.
Well done GT50! Merged into the trophies & medals thread...
Nice one GT50, well done

Also missed it before, but nice one Greystone as well on your first trophy - there will no doubt be some more to add to that over the next year or two

Must be some more trophies and awards out there to share.  Let's see 'em Nutz!  Smile
It's taken 25 years, but here's my trophy collection to date.

[Image: nG5STHX.jpg]
Current darts: Red Dragon Javelin  24g
Board: Winmau Blade 5
Best 501 game: 11 darts  (4 times)
Best 1001 game: 27 darts
High finish: 170
2019 180s: 149/200  2020 180s: 85/200
Lifetime 3 x Bull: 41
(12-20-2018, 04:06 AM)djb Wrote: It's taken 25 years, but here's my trophy collection to date.

Nice collection of loot you got there djb!  More like a trophy room!
Nice haul djb
[Image: 20181217_202012-1253736269-e1545304118982.jpg]

Does it count as a trophy?

1st place in my third season of the honky-tonk league.

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