Poll: What do you like about Darts NutZ?
I love it! It is the best darn darts forum on the internet, full of info, fun and great members.
I don't like it. I came here expecting to see the genitalia of darts.
I only came here for the free giveaways. I belong to other stricter sites which I find the strict structure comforting.
A mod or admin emailed me from another forum and threatened me to join, can I get my family back please?
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A poll about this forum
So what is your thoughts about this site? And why are you not putting in bids for the Silent Auction? It costs to keep a site like this up and running and a little support goes a long way. It gives us NutZ a virtual place to hang our virtual hats. If you got anything from this site, good advice, a laugh, info about a certain dart then you should put a bid in. If you cannot do a bid (the economy is rough at the moment) but have some new kit not being used donate it to the prize pool. If you want to bid and were out bid but still want to help out click on the donation button.

I had come to this site nearly a year ago (maybe it's been a year, I'm old and my memory is bad). I was tentative in the beginning, thinking like most sites this one being based in the UK I would not have anything in common with the members. Then as I participated more and got to know the people here I found that I fit in. You people are the best of any of the forums I have been a part of. You all give info freely there are no cliques like on a lot of other forums I belonged to. We have it all here, dart info with great reviews by our fearless leader GetaGrip, we have jokes, giveaways.

So skip your next order of darts and supplies (unless you really need them) and get to bidding. I for one am not a rich person and up until about a month or so ago I was nearly homeless. I made a small bid and am donating to the prize pool. So if I can do it I know a more than a few of you can make a bid or donate something. So get to it or I will start emailing you all naked pictures of the mods and admins until you do.
#1 why the hell do you have naked pics of the admins and mods? Lmao
#2 I'm donating from my wins in the dodl and also buying the nutz darts.
#3 the nearly wife has gone on a spending spree and one guess yep over budget (bloody women)
Play like it means nothing when it means everything

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Great post Mr Poop
Wow I barely got the poll up and people posted lol.
Just seen the poll - I'm tempted to answer no 3 but I fear that may be a lie considering my post count lol

Out of interest, like Spartan asks, why do you have naked pics of the mods and admin lol
Lets keep the fact I have naked pics of certain members or how I got them, out of this. It's about the site and keeping it running. Big Grin
The Silent Auction was/is the wrong time of the month for me. I have brought darts, board and shirt from Infinity. I have also brought darts from Cankle and waiting to pay for my Nutz darts. I have other big commitments this month. I would also like to make a donation to X2V for his great work but it will have to wait a few days. For some its not always possible to drop a bid in an auction. The amount I could raise wouldn't win the darts and by my understanding an auction is the highest bidder wins so only that monies would be taken and given to the forum, so I contribute by buying Nutz flights and when I can by the donate button.

I really do think this forum is the best thing since sliced bread. I am on here everyday I feel I have made lots of friends got lots of great information and had a lot of fun. I want to see the forum keep going and I will help where I can but I feel a little bit like I'm being made to feel guilty because I didn't join the auction.
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My post wasn't to make you feel guilty. I understand things can be tough for people. I also know there are people on here who are more than able to make a bid. Sorry if my post made you feel guilty. Buying flights and the occasional donation and buying the Nutz dart are all things that help out. You are helping out and should not feel guilty at all by not bidding.

From what I got from Milky is there has only been a couple of bids so my post was to try and get people motivated in some way to help out.
Nice one Poop, are we admins allowed to vote, I did anyway lol!

and I have some more pics if you need them Wink
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I've just joined the last couple off days & I love this site loads off great members on this site. Smile

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