Show Us Your Grip
Use this thread to post pics of how you grip your dartsSmile
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Here's mine

[Image: IMG_0140_zpsbejbuo8d.jpg]
Here is my grip:


Not sure how you would call this.
[Image: 4912264.png]
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My grip. I hope I wont forget it again. Lol

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If I don't position my ring finger on the point of the dart, then they will fly left or right from my objective. I used to use the 'pencil' grip but had no control... I corrected it (a bit) with the finger on the point.

My grip.

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Throwing Black PVD Coated Target Agora A01’s 22g darts at a Winmau Blade 5

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(08-14-2016, 01:43 AM)JDorks Wrote: I probably have the worst looking grip.

Are these the carrera C4??

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I have a very boring grip compared to most

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This is my grip ^^

What do you guys think
I grip the dart at the back:

Red Dragon Darts Bear Grip 24 grams

[Image: rWPEqgll.jpg]
Scotty Burnett 24 Ambassador series vs3
Nothing fancy.

[Image: 51b331d82f9c8a4cbb7cce14f05b601d.jpg]

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I'm currently using a pencil grip much towards the front, like I'm gonna write a letter. Probably need to experiment with another dart shape though. I think maybe a straight barreled dart would allow the pencil grip to work better. No pictures yet.

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Here's mine, a bit unconventional, my long thumbnail is wedged in the last groove of the dart.
[Image: f16990b766dd9f04bf54d869e53d8207.jpg]

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TThe grip i just started with a couple days ago and loving it.
Current grip on the MvG gen 2's, one of the few darts where my grip exactly matches the grip pattern.
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