What is Darts Nutz Forum?
Really glad I stumbled onto the forum. Such a wealth of great information for a new player like myself.
I really like the spirit and style of the forum, I have been here for one day but everywhere I read, I feel the enthusiasm for darts and a general "kindness" expecially for new members.
I live in Italy and there aren't a lot of places to play darts, some regions have some structured leagues, but some others (like the one where I live) are completely lacking opportunities.
That's the reason because I am trying to create my own place, with the enthusiasm of my sons, and the help of brother and cousins, that we are involving in our dart related projects...
I am less than poor in throwing darts... but this don't stop me.
Cool to read the history of the forum. Glad to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of more experienced players knowledge as I struggle to get better Cool Cool

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