news of the world title: why so lowly rated???
(01-08-2015, 02:18 PM)Dorian Wrote: When I started playing it 'The NOTW' was it and just qualifying must have been quite an achievement when it first started there were 1000 entrants and at its peak there were some 280,000 + hopefuls trying to get through the locals to the regionals' and so on.

My father was competing against Ernie Burrup (1957 semi-finalist) in a local open singles tournament in the same year who was after the hat -trick but lost to my *dad who went on to do the only hat-trick and was given the trophy to keep. It was sponsored by Symonds Brewery (just like another brewer who sponsored the original NOTW) ...obviously they had a vested interest as pubs and darts went hand in hand.

I was quite young but still remember seeing the little shields on the base of the trophy which read E.Burrup 1955/56 then *M.Penn 1957/58/59


This is a most Glorious piece of Family Darting Folklore.... you must be very Proud if this

The game truly does run deep in your veins...
Thanks for that..
Yes darts was a family thing for the Penn family in Caerleon, Ponthir and surrounding parts of Monmouthshire (as it was called then) South Wales.
For the working class it was good cheap entertainment and actually for those who, like my dad, were not too well off it meant that their beer lasted longer whilst playing and if they were good they could win some cash and the odd pint too.

His very good friend and often doubles partner was another local Welsh legend, Tom Pearce who died in 2013 at 103 and who was playing up to the age of 100 in fact John Lowe attended his 100th Birthday

Tom's son Cyril was also a star and won trophy's in the 70's throwing nails!

Son of Merlin

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

Nice one Dorian, some great history Smile
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(04-04-2014, 02:51 AM)JoshD Wrote: Even Phil once said that it was the hardest one to win. A best of 3 legs from 8 feet is NO joke!! If you can win that out of 1000's of people then you've done something. I wish they brought it back.

Well said Josh
Thought I would belatedly pick up this thread after watching DVD of Bobby George winning in 1979: I saw this live on TV at the time but it was dim in my memory... was well impressed by the standard of darts played, especially by BG: Didn't lose a leg in the finals, finished last 4 legs: 135, 81, 101, 80 (twice on the bull)...Hit a 180 & numerous ton+ scores...All from 8ft, on an unforgiving elm board with wires twice as thick as today...  Bobby George: World Champion? He gets my vote!
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Crazy, after reading this my vote too. Bring it back.

(03-20-2017, 05:16 AM)HWinorich Wrote: Crazy, after reading this my vote too. Bring it back.

Bring it back, and have them throw from 8ft?
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Love it to be brought back, still think it's the greatest title ever to win in darts and the most difficult
Definitely bring it back
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I always thought it was one of those big things. I didn't know that someone would underestimate this. As far as those 8 feets were mentioned, I don't think it made a big difference at all. When I started playing darts back in 1999 we used to throw from that 8ft distance (244cm) according to FECS rules until they changed it to 237cm. Meaning, one day they just announced than as of the day we can stand on the oche sticker - which was exactly 7cm wide...

As for the amount of players in it, nowadays I think it's quite a feat to to win the Dutch Open with around 1200 men in it.
The News Of The World was immensely difficult to win, and as previously mentioned on here at the height of it's popularity 280,000 entrants, many thousands of Public Houses would apply for the entrance forms and each pub would then have to play down to the House Champion, all house champions would then go on to the regional finals, Manchester, Bolton, and countless others, If you managed to win your regional final you then went on to play in the area finals, London and home Counties, Lancashire and Cheshire, and many other counties each county playing down to area champion to now play in the Grand Finals and more difficult than the 8ft throw in my opinion was the best of 3 format that was played from the very first game in the pub right down to the Grand Finals and the deciding game for the champion. Many establishes players pro's etc disliked the best of 3 format as it didn't allow for a slow start and could throw up some shock results.
Bring it back, current distance, 3 format, establish by county, regionals and by region/province/country etc.... open to all comers who can fight through the regional levels etc...

Might light a fire under a few folks.
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The NOTW was the one to win, it was a very prestigious tournament.

When I first started playing many years ago, it was still revered and talked of proudly.

It was in its final years when I became more serious about darts.

Wish I could have said I played in it.....

.....However, one of the winners of it played for our Superleague team in the pub so I can say I have played against a winner of the NOTW.
Back playing and having fun!

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I've always liked this video of the 1976 final.  They were almost literally swinging off of the rafters, and that cloud of cigarette smoke hanging in the air; different times folks, different times!

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