How to hit your first 180 in darts ...
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Jugger said it best in this iconic post:
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(12-10-2019, 01:59 PM)János Gönczi Wrote: If your dart has gone above the treble 20 then aim slightly above the flight and follow the action as before.

If the dart has fallen short of the target aim for the top of the stem and follow action as before.

Could you guys please explain why is this two advises not exactly the opposite of what should be? I mean if I already overshoot the target, why would I want to aim even higher ?
Also if it is lower, why would I aim even lower?

Thank you!

Hey brother

I see your confusion, you may be reading a little too literal / straight translation.

If you over shoot. You want to shoot secomd dart into the flight from under, catching the dart and dropping it into t20.

I’f you under shoot , shoot for top,of ste, which is hopefully at a positive angle , at heights of t20.

It’s all some great advice.  But nothing In darts is text book. I would find your own way . But watch pros and keep paying attention,  see what works for you,

Th biggest thing is practicing grouping,  and also , learning how darts land when grouped. You may lose  a lot of flights. Break stems, but learn what happens to the darts after a Richochet. 

Practice constantly for a week on your stance , aim , release fire away the first shot st desired target. And wherever it lands develop your rythm now buy repeating exact same steps you took for the first dart and throw the second dart right at your first, amd you’re third right at the first two that are hopefully grouped closer together
I usually hit the first two trip 20s but then get overly excited and my third dart goes way left into like the 11
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Great thread!
Thanks for the transcription Zero.
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still waiting on mines.  nowhere near yet.  although the treble 20 is getting hit more often now

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