Shafts – Short Vs Long
For those of you who tinker (or are headed in that direction), this might be food for thought.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
I have experimented quite a lot with shaft length over the last year. I won't even pretend to have reached any final conclusions but the following is what I have found so far:

A shorter stem seems to make my darts fly quicker and flatter
A longer stem gives me more feel for the dart, making adjustment for subsequent throws easier
The flight is a much more important in how straight my dart flies/lands

Of course, this is just me and it might just exist in my head!
Target Daytona Fire 21g, Cosmo carbon fit flight system
I go short stems myself, started off with med, then went shorter, my target Capricorns fly really well with ultra short grippers and my target c10s fly well with pro grip shorts which are a bit longer, but the barrels are shorter, the c10s also fly really well with unicorn grippers ultra short but they look a bit silly. i occasionally for shits and gigs put a med in inter med stem in but my tend to swirl in the air and land leanin over to the right
I've moved from 100micron flights, number 6 (sometimes a ten-x) and short stems on daytona fire tapered df03 dart to a standard winmau no2 - 75micron straight barrel. Same shafts (target short).
Although the winmau dart is heavier, I find I can throw with less effort, the dart is slower to the board and lands at my normal angle.
I am thinking of moving to a tweenie or medium stem next to slow up the dart and slow the release more.
It should reduce any snatches.
The Winmau darts are the 95% tungsten ones in the catalalogue shop (Hi Impact). - Great darts, and loved throwing them when I got them first.
Back with them now.
I like stems of different sizes depending on barrel length. I hold dart in the back but like overall length the same. Target power shafts
I actually really like these micro shafts. My darts look hilarious with these shorties, but honestly I throw just as well. Never liked long shafts. If they weren't so pricey for how tiny they are I might throw with them full time.

[Image: rDEJeu8.png][Image: 96c63403-081b-407c-9558-30a3c788cd18]
Got to admit I tried micro stems (As shown above) as a "bit of fun" but they really perform well.
And what of the outlaw, Robin Hood? - These three will cut his heart out with a spoon!
They shrug off direct impacts like they were raindrops. (Mine are Aluminium Alloy.)

Probably only useful if you have a set of longer barrels - but nothing quite compares to chucking a set of short 10g darts with these and some micro flights too.
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