One80 Intelite flight punch & the intelite system review
Hey there,
A few weeks ago I purchased my first Intelite items : two size of packaged shafts + flights and the Intelite helper tool.
In my opinion it really improved the stability of my throws and also the durability of the system seems satisfactory. Last week I decided to test the whole system and furthermore to get a the One80 intelite Flight Punch tool .

Here is most of the Intelite range :
[Image: One80Intelite-1_zps6bf0cfd5.jpg]
- Flights are available either in kite, standard or slim.
- Shafts are available in two size : 'short' and 'medium' but I think short is already pretty long. It must correspond to a standard medium and a long shaft size.

As you can see on the picture, they is no coherence between the whole system packaging. Some flights come in standard plastic pouch, other in nice cardboard display and the flight punch in an orange/transparent box.

Let's discover the flight punch :
[Image: One80Intelite-9_zpsfaa9aa32.jpg]
[Image: One80Intelite-10_zps912535e0.jpg]
[Image: One80Intelite-11_zpsd1f578e3.jpg]

It is mainly made of metal but you also have a (rubbish) white plastic part on the bottom. It is smaller than what I expected and that is in my opinion positive. Overall the quality of the build is sufficient and satisfactory.

[Image: One80Intelite-2_zps4658dc62.jpg]

On the back of the tool you can see the guide allowing you to push the flight all the way to it's punch position (centered horizontally and approx. at two third of it's total length). That way it can not really move and so it's harder to punch a hole in an incorrect position.
[Image: One80Intelite-5_zps0d201e1a.jpg]

[Image: One80Intelite-7_zps002ff136.jpg]
[Image: One80Intelite-6_zps9b85c517.jpg]

Once you get the flight in the guide you have to apply a quick pressure on the top of the tool to punch the hole. Depending on the thickness and material of your flight, the results can either be perfect or a little dirty. In that case you have to punch a second time.

Here are the results with iFlights and standard Winmau flights. The punchs are very clean on the iFlights but not so much on the Winmau's
[Image: One80Intelite-8_zpsc05f8f19.jpg]

Once the holes are made, you have to use the One80 Intelite flight rings :
[Image: One80Intelite-14_zps202b2128.jpg]
This are packaged by 6 in a standard plastic pouch. Setting them requires a little patience, so my advice is to avoid doing it at the pub in low light and high alcohol environment. The rings are pretty small so you have the risk of loosing them before they are in position.

Once you are done with the rings, you have to use the Intelite shafts and place them before and after the ring on the flight.
[Image: One80Intelite-13_zps2fd72f94.jpg]

First, you get the end part and try to fit the ends on the ring :
[Image: One80Intelite-19_zps0fae5637.jpg]

If you don't set it correctly, it will look like this :
[Image: One80Intelite-18_zps7410392f.jpg]
Once the four ends are in place, you can fix it into position with the additionnal intelite tool provided in the "Intelite starter package". It allows you to push a littler harder without damaging your precious flight :
[Image: One80Intelite-20_zps4811c17a.jpg]

Then you can put the other part of the shaft and get the following result :
[Image: One80Intelite-21_zps5900ac86.jpg]
Once again be patient or you can broke one of the ends by pressing too hard.
That's it, your new flights are ready to be used with any of your darts now.

The benefits from the Intelite system are in my opinion better stability and durability as well as a little less risks of breaking the shaft or the flight during the game. Using them for a few weeks I can say that they did made some close encounters but no robin hoods or breaks are to be reported. During those close encounters the flights where a little damaged, but nothing major as they are made of heavy plastic :
[Image: One80Intelite-15_zps49600a0f.jpg]

If you don't want to punch the holes you can buy a prepackage ring + flight :
[Image: One80Intelite-12_zpsb468596e.jpg]
Or also you can get a full shaft+ring+flight system.
[Image: interlite-1_zps9f0a983e.jpg]

Please remember that the shafts lengths are pretty long, here is a comparison between the standard Carrera C3's configuration and the short (blue) and medium (red) systems :
[Image: One80Intelite-16_zps88ed9fb2.jpg]
[Image: One80Intelite-17_zpsaa2fc590.jpg]

Finally, this system seems to fits my throw and I'm sure I'll change the shafts & flights a little less with it than with standard shafts.

Conclusions about the Flight Punch Tool :
+ Compact size
+ Price (around £7.80 - other punch tools are a little less expensive)
+ you can use your fav' flights thanks to this tool
+ Quality of the build
- What about that lower plastic part ?

Conclusions about the Intelite flight system :
+ Increase stability
+ Nice flexible shafts increasing durability and preventing some robin hoods
+ Flights are kept in almost 90° so they will not be deformed so easily.
+ One80 Intelite provided flights have a nice build quality.
+ many combinations available (flights + rings, shafts + flights + rings, shafts only) so you don't have to buy the whole system if you only want to try it.
+ total price is cheaper than other "advanced" systems (Cosmo Fit Flight for instance).
- In my opinion it is missing real short & extra short shaft lengths.

I will make an "experience sharing" post in a few weeks and add informations on how the shafts are aging and if the flights punched with the tools are working as well as the provided flights. It could be fun to check with another standard punch tool if the rings/holes are of different size or not.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your game !
Great review mate
Awesome review. +1.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

Good Review thanks. Do you buy from Mike at infiniti or is there a shop in France.
Looks not so good on the blue kite and rings,(last photo). Mine click in better.
Also had a promblem with the Punch on some flights.
[Image: ak_zpsocjfiou9.png]
I'd guess the punches would be pretty clean with Harrows flights -- the material they're made from is almost brittle.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

(01-18-2014, 05:23 PM)Aussie Kev Wrote: Good Review thanks. Do you buy from Mike at infiniti or is there a shop in France.
Looks not so good on the blue kite and rings,(last photo). Mine click in better.
Also had a promblem with the Punch on some flights.

Thanks Kev. Well I did bought the first two products next to my home in a an archery shop, that was all they had. A few weeks later I made an online order on
(01-18-2014, 04:57 PM)brenthahn Wrote: Awesome review. +1.

(01-18-2014, 05:39 PM)brenthahn Wrote: I'd guess the punches would be pretty clean with Harrows flights -- the material they're made from is almost brittle.

Thank you mate !
Well I think it also depends on how you punch the flight, maybe it's if the flight is brand new and all flat. I had issues with several used one, don't know if it's related.
Very nice review Clément! have a +1 mate! Smile
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(01-19-2014, 10:53 AM)Getagrip Wrote: Very nice review Clément! have a +1 mate! Smile

Thank you Grip', glad you liked it :-)
Wow, excellent review!
[Image: GetSignature.ashx?id=306]
(07-17-2014, 02:36 PM)Mad4Darts Wrote: Wow, excellent review!

Now I'd like to try another system and compare results !
So many new stuff recently

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