News Of The World Darts Area Finalist Programmes
Thought id run two threads on this, one on national finals programmes. And this one on area finals

1948 Shropshire area final

[Image: notwareafinalist1948_zps28e42697.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalist19482_zps61fc0eff.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalist19483_zps51957646.jpg]
1954 Durham

[Image: notwareafinalsDurham1954_zps57dfdcb3.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalsDurham19542_zps88a39ab2.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalsDurham19543_zps2a4d62dc.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalsDurham19544_zps4985d740.jpg]
Hull 1960

[Image: notwareafinalshull1960_zps6c74e25f.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalshull19602_zpsc010752e.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalshull19603_zps08bec9b7.jpg]

[Image: notwareafinalshull19604_zpsf32e1de8.jpg]
great stuff Neil!
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Nottinghamshire 1966

[Image: nottinghamshire1960_zpsa3b82377.jpg]

Wigan 1968

[Image: wigan68_zpsbc364da7.jpg]

London 1977 (including Eric Bristow)

[Image: london77_zpse3833d99.jpg]

Worcestershire 1979

[Image: worcester79_zps863c8cdb.jpg]

London 1981

[Image: london81_zpsabcda15a.jpg]
the prize of the mini was a step up from the skoda Smile
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Thats what I thought lol
London 1982

[Image: london82_zps1d6d3c0b.jpg]

Worcester 1982

[Image: worcster82_zpsff72f0f5.jpg]

London 1983

[Image: london83_zps352c9911.jpg]

Eastern Counties 1983 ( Including Booby George,Keith Deller, and the National finalist runner up that year Ralph Flatt who lost out to Bristow) I have also noticed the divisional secretary was a Johnny Ross but iv'e no idea whether it was the legendary man in his latter years or not

[Image: easterncounties83_zpsbc2ddd1e.jpg]

London 1985

[Image: london85_zps92164381.jpg]
Herefordshire and Worcestershire 1986

[Image: HandW86_zps11232f3e.jpg]

Staffordshire 1989

[Image: Staffordshire86_zpse4a12e38.jpg]

Staffordshire 1990

[Image: Staffs1990_zps78a14758.jpg]
Shafted - I've sent you a PM

Ayup Shafted

Great bit of nostalgia and memorabilia there.

looks like you have a few different programmes there
Yes. Great nostalgia. Thanks for sharing with us. Shame the competition isn't still running
  • Back in the game after 25 years.....¬†Growing collection of brass & tungsten: So many darts, so little time....

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