Which darts are the best to buy?
Was hoping to read the article in the original post, but it's dead.
Instead went through the whole thread and based on previous posts,
I suppose it's safe to say that a NOS set of John Lowe 25g for $20 isn't
too hateful to try as one of my 1st.
I have rvb gen 2 darts. they are some of the nicest darts I have used
I have a set of Pentathlon TDP T1 in a bomb style that I find really easy for me to throw... and they fly nicely for me as a beginner.
[Image: aEi7OxVm.jpg?1]

I also bought a set of Designa Dark Thunder V2s as well and at first wasn't a fan, they do have a fairly long barrel on them and I was getting some kick (still get slight kick) but they are really starting to grow on me a lot.  A really nice dart for the price in my opinion.
[Image: PgcOiE4m.jpg?2]
I bought both sets in 24 gram weight.
Somnambulant spears of sheer sunlight streak and shriek as an orange orb crests its welcome head above the hazy hilly horizontal horizon of Lancashire's Eastern extremes. All at once the light laps through a window onto the wall of the Billiard's Room where a segmented disk hung. Silence is punctuated by the satisfying thunk of hardened steel into compressed sisal. Manipulate the splinter of your mind's eye to focus in on this tossing of tungsten and your eye will espy that a triumvirate of Red Dragons are being tested here.

These are worthy Dragons, each a curvy piece of 80% tungsten that adorns the Welsh oufits well stacked Page 3, along with the rest of the impressively endowed Flightmaster range, but the darts in question here are the Swingfire 2 - 23gram. These darts are a classic design that evoke the myth and mysterys from a dangerous era of chunky staples and hefty round wires. Yet don't be fooled, these arrows will slice through the red bit like a triple edged scythe.  

When I took them in my hand they fell weighty, reassuringly plump yet impressivly petite in length. The Sunday twilight, first encounters are with a classic bullet barrel, hewn from a handsome cylinder of tungsten and then trimmed with six grooves each filled with a darkness as molten as liquid midnight, that, I can only describe as... black paint. Sharp edges remain on those five central rings, gifting these arrow with a sturdy stance and sleek rear taper leading to a stem as sensible as an accountant’s aunt; black nylon shafts, polished as smooth as obsidian yet boldly branded by the makers: Red Dragon. The points are also black and reveal a hunger for them to remain lodged in its chosen sisal target.

A set of flights complete the arrow, They are black 75 microns thick letting the dart sail through the air as pliant as a pair of puppy skin slippers just adds to an act as refined and practical as Bear Grylls' Backpack.

Now we get to the only question that matters: How does the functional economical baby dragon handle a solid chucking? There’s only one way to peel this puppy. So it is, that I find myself toe on the oche letting these dragons take to the air and straight away, the Swingfire 2 comes alive. When the dart has so much black it instantly finds a home in that top black segment. The whole dart is working for you, the point penetrating deeply, the nosecone sliding past flights like raindrops, the groovework providing the perfect balance of grip and comfort. The nylon shaft ... well it's black and made from nylon and the flights, perhaps too large, perhaps they are oversized for such a dainty dragon. But it would be a brave man who clips the wings of this dragon.

Entering an especially tricky checkout the nosecone dives in like an damp-crazed high board diver when all at once I release the dart. In a split second this red dragon tumbles and drops a shoulder and the tail gets waggy. The 75 micron flights simply catch the pitching dart and irons out the deficiencies with my throw and smooths the ballistic trajectory to bury itself just inside the wire of the double 14. Not even a ripple on the surface.

You may not be Cy Young but on the 5th of May these Swingfire 2's will make you feel you can throw a perfect game.

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^This, you are better off buying a variety of cheaper darts at different weights trying to feel for what you like.
Great advice here, I was going to buy some Winmau stratos 26 g as my second set. But think I will get some cheaper sets to try and see which I like before buying a pricier set. Currently using Unicorn Phil Taylor Silver star 24 g
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