Official Online Darts Thread ?
i've spotted a couple of small threads around but is there a main one where people meet up for games or reccomend setups / sites etc?

ive eventually got myself setup so im comfortable for playing randoms online, yesterday was y first forage into it and it was terrifying Big Grin 
first game V an african fella who beat me 5-1 ( and was dubious of my checkout - i'm not surprsed as i was terirble all game then intentionally got a T14 then D16 ) then i played what sounded like a scandinavian young lad who stopped midway through to take a photo of his board as he hit a 160 which was his highest score ever
one very tense game followed by a more light-hearted one, which i won 5-3

my average is shocking at the moment, i want it around 50 but i'm just at 40 - playing ok until i get onto a double
looking forward to playing more though

i use its easy enough and seems to have plenty live users willing to play any time ive been on

i was beaten by a guy with a 44 avg, and i beat a guy with a 35 avg =- so im pretty much in the middle! will get better though
We setup a thread for soft tip boards earlier this year - pinned in the soft tip section.  Not used a lot from what I can see.

Over the years, number of threads relating to webcam darts, most of which have moved on.  The issue with a single thread covering the subject - content tends to drift.  You end up with a dog's breakfast that's still difficult to navigate.

Don't mind setting something up, but we'd need - at a minimum - an index to rapidly locate content.  Pinned somewhere easy to find.  Because you will get more than one thread.  What I have in mind is something similar to the Index of Training Apps - or All Reviewed Darts Index for that matter.  One stop shopping to find things pertaining to online steel tip play.

So if you have good ideas, this is the thread to discuss them.  But I warn you, building and populating an index of material doesn't happen overnight. Wink
That would be pretty neat to Have a live thread where dartnutz can post they’re online availability for webcamdarts . Depending on how many use it, if a lot then it could be a continuously ever growing thread lol

Maybe post in the shoutbox and say you are going online to webcamdarts + your username and to PM you if any discussion before hand.

I was pretty into it for a few months but I have died down playing as my free time has been reduced.
I should mention all threads and posts on this board - are publicly (world) visible.  Unless we take proactive measures to hide them or restrict access.  This includes the shoutbox.  Raised the same issue with the soft tip folks - and I'll repeat it here.

Just logout and have a look. Wink

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