Mervyn King Darts
Wondering if anyone has tried the polished silver and onix coated version of the Mervyn King Darts. I really prefer the silver ones but if the onix has more grip, I think that may be the way to go. Opinions?
forum = no never really tried them both.
dang...ok thanks.
forum = deletes post
I can't tell you which are more grippy as I've only tried the gold ones and decided within a few goes that I couldn't throw them for toffee so gave up lol - one of the few darts I can't really get on with.
I feel pvd coated coated darts have a different feel, almost like warmed up tungsten. A non coated dart will have a similar grip after throwing them a while so the tungsten warms up in your fingers.
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yeah mc1958, the darts certainly are odd and i guess i'm lucky in a way that they fit my hand and grip the way they do because they are a nice dart looks wise.

thanks rich345, thats an interesting way of thinking about it. maybe silver in the summer black in the winter when it's hard to get the darts warm.
I’ve only tried the pvd coated version. I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you tried them. It’s a nice feel.
'[Image: uBd7OCT.png]
I find onyx coated darts come into play when it’s hot.

They don’t stick to my sweaty fingers like natural tungsten darts can.

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