wing surface area pear flight
Does someone know how the winmau oversized pears compare to the also bigger Unicorn xtra pears (36 mm²)? Normal pear flight have around 30mm². I love the winmau ones, butt they only make them in black and beaton's own. and unicorn has some nice pear designs.

Thanks, Max
Does Unicorn do two different sized pear flights?
Not sure but I think Unicorn only make one size pear shape flight. If this is correct then the couple of sets of Unicorn pear flights that I have are the same size as pear flights I have from the other manufacturers apart from the Winmau oversized pears which are slightly larger.
Thank you, here is why I asked: unicorn states their pear flights have a surface area of 36mm2 while normal pears seem to have 30mm2.

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I saw that - I've seen several different surface areas quoted for pear shape flights so not sure who to believe to be honest - here's a couple of different guides where the surface areas are different

[Image: wIRLctG.jpg]
I think the Unicorn pears have a more rounded top, in comparison to most ordinary pears which are pointier at the back. Not as rounded as the Harrows/Winmau ones though.

Maybe that’s why they have a slightly larger surface area?

Trouble is that makes for 4 different pear flights, all with slightly different characteristics and surface area but only 2 of them are described as being different (oversize and xtra).

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