Steve Beaton oversize pear flights?
Has he always used these, can anyone remember him using something different before?

Just wondering as it's almost a shape just for him?
[Image: lMaqREa.png]
My understanding is him originally using standard pear flights. I'm not sure if he flirted with standard shaped flights as well, but it might explain the crossover between the sizes?
Don't know if he has always used pear shape, but his old B&W and Elkadart pears are normal sized - the Hyundai, RD and Winmau pears are all oversesized.

Not sure but I think Kevin Painter and Robbie Green may have had oversized pears released by Winmau as well.
I've definitely seen the Kevin Painter oversized pears.
[Image: 5GPKrWp.png]

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I thought the Painter's were - I'm sure I've got a set in my collection, but all my players flights are packed up in a big box at the moment and I was going to have a look later to see if I could find them.
Pretty sure I had a set of oversized pears with a set of Winmau Painters I purchased.

Sure I can remember hearing Beaton actually stating in a video that he had them made to provide more stability than a normal pear with leaving more board visible.
Thanks for the replies, all makes sense, think your right about Kong and Painter
[Image: lMaqREa.png]
Peter Manley used oversized pears too. I found a set that I forgot that I had. A little beat up but still ok.
Where can I buy some oversized pears? Can’t seem to find
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(08-01-2020, 04:26 PM)Jacob Schaeffer Wrote: Where can I buy some oversized pears? Can’t seem to find

RD sell the plain black ones here

Doesn't look like they have the Steve Beaton one, but Darts Corner showing them in stock

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