Demise of Nickel Silver?
Just picked up a set of old Accudart 301s (if the package was accurate to the darts) that have a tungsten nose and the remainder of the barrel made of what looks to me like nickel silver. Really cool dart. But it made me wonder why the dart world has moved from a three metal system (tungsten best, nickel silver better, brass good) to what seems like only two metals (tungsten and brass). Did nickel silver become too expensive? Or did tungsten get cheaper (or cheaper to machine)? I have a soft spot for nickel silver as my first set from around 1982 were Accudart nickel silver, and i still like the feel of that alloy.
Just as a follow up, I looked into the properties of nickel silver. It’s mostly copper (60%), with the remainder nickel and sometimes zinc. The density is about 8.6 g/cm3, so nearly the same as brass (8.4-8.7 g/cm3), so it didn’t really have a benefit from a barrel size perspective the way tungsten does at about double the density.

Anyone have any cool old nickel silver darts? Were there companies besides Accudart that used it?
I do remember having some nickel-silver, long gone now, and they were Accudart.  I do have some of the Accudart plastic folding cases which are pretty cool, but honestly don't remember which darts they belonged to.
Yes, some of my favorite darts are nickel silver. I’ve had many sets. My only current set are these hammerheads:
(07-04-2020, 08:57 PM)Zero Wrote: Yes, some of my favorite darts are nickel silver. I’ve had many sets. My only current set are these hammerheads:

Those are very cool! Nice post, too — I like “slickery” as the description of its feel; captures it very nicely. Pity about the Bottleson lack of help with their history, too.

I did a little googling, and it seems that there are still a few companies using nickel silver, but I didn’t see any designs that really called to me.
The slickery Bottelsens are nice looking darts.

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