Vacation, where would you go ?
If the Corona Virus and money were no object, and you could leave tomorrow for a month long vacation to anywhere in the world .... where would you go ?
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
For me, I think barring Corona Virus, money problems, and political situations, I would like to throw darts at a world map, and go where the darts lead.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
I think I'd love to spend a week on a beach somewhere in Mexico...not IN the ocean as I'm terrified of sharks! That way I could visit the Aztec ruins at Teotihuacan.

I'd love to spend a week touring Egypt...seeing as MUCH as I could, knowing a week is nowhere near enough time.

I'd love to spend another week touring some ancient Mayan ruins...definitely Chichen Itza!

I'd love to spend another week in the UK in order to visit Stonehenge and SEVERAL days at Rosslyn Chapel!
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Japan. I want to be around the sites again. Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, and play all those great darts venues. Especially that Darts Stadium Japanese Guy TV once went to with that mighty Phoenix X machine that I'm still awe of. find a job. Corona has led to my workplace laying off, and I was one of them on the cutting board.

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I'd go to Tahiti

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This would be my soundtrack

Quite fancy the idea of visiting the old eastern bloc
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I'd head over to the old country, my birthplace, Deutschland. My mom's side of the family would be great to visit with as they are getting up in age.
I'd love to tour the castles and cathedrals and drink some German beer, even though I don't drink. LOL
I d like to spend some time in Denmark....North Sea s the Coast between Hanstholm and Hirtshals. 
Sadly C19 virus killed my journey in April  Angry
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At this point in time I'd go somewhere that it's not too hot - maybe the North Pole lol

Seriously though, I think either:

1 - Japan - to do a little (or a lot) darts shopping and also watch some of the soft tip events over there in person as opposed to on youtube, both the Dartslive and Phoenix events

2 - Singapore and Malaysia - always fancied going there for some reason - would be nice to catch some soft tip over there and hopefully see Paul Lim in person as well

3 - Alaska - primarily to go whale watching
Somewhere warm, futuristic and exotic... Lytham St Annes!
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(06-24-2020, 02:34 PM)SlingBlade Wrote: I'd love to tour the castles and cathedrals and drink some German beer, even though I don't drink. LOL

Next time we are over there, I'll sacrifice myself and help you out with that German beer.   cheers
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
If no constraints would exist I’d go to New Zealand, visit the north and southern islands, do a bit of hiking , if doable visit a rugby match out of pure curiosity and spend some New Zealand dollars at Tauranga Puma Darts. If there would be no constraints of any kind Angel
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New York. As soon as world travel gets back to normal I'm booking flights.
I'd like to go to New Zealand and stay Smile

Maybe go back to Denmark - Copenhagen was great! Wouldn't mind hopping over to Sweden and maybe then Norway.

I'd also like to visit Iceland.
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The Isle of Man to ride a motorcycle along the roads traveled during the IOM TT race-------at a safe speed mind you and not pursue the speed record of just over 135mph/217kmh for the fastest lap recorded by Peter Hickman in 2018.

Then on to parts of England, Italy and Greece.

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