vintage harrows dart set - help with ID and value?
Smile Huh  Hi there - I am trying to figure out the type and value of a vintage 1980's dart set - I don't know what kind they are or what they're worth and hoping to get some help!  they are Harrows, see photos.  thank you!  I'm learning a lot about darts.... 
[Image: LMuDG8p.jpg][Image: gD8gPhB.jpg][Image: 7I8bkEL.jpg][Image: BggXffL.jpg]
Moved to UFO section.  Not even sure the case is Harrows - looks like a sticker to me.  No idea on the darts - or value for that matter.
The back of the case says Made in England and I went to the website, just wasn't able to determine what kind of darts they were. The darts came in that case, thought maybe someone could tell me something about them. I looked at your other threads and people usually have opinions after seeing pictures. Don't need value, they are from the 80's so that's why case looks cheesy! Thank you - not sure what UFO section is but if you can put it somewhere your dart-squad could see it that would be awesome.
Why do you say they are from the 80's? Personally I think they are far more recent - maybe only around 10 years old.

I think both items are Harrows, but not sure if the darts were actually sold in the case. The darts I would say are Assassins, and I'm sure the case was available until recently (ie a couple of years ago) in the Darts Corner clearance section as well.
Either 70% Harrows Torpedo or 80% Harrows Assassin.

However the smooth end parts of barrels on your darts seem to be more like those on the Assassins. Torpedos had those smooth parts shorter (well, the Assassins had them of the same width as is the width of the knurled rings and it seems like the smooth ends on your darts are even longer and more tappered...). Both types had seven thick knurled rings in the middle of the barrels. 

Or they may be something completely different...
I agree with several replyers:
The case is certainly Harrows, I have more than one myself.
The darts are probably assassins, 11darters nailed it.

But I would be very hard pressed to call these "vintage". In 20 more years they **might** be vintage, but for now, unless they are going on ebay where everything is MEGA-RARE, I would say they are just normal darts. But good ones Smile
I am beyond grateful for all your help and insight on this little project - the darts have been sadly unused for about 25 years and I thought they were older. You're right, we call a lot of things vintage when they're not! I'm really happy to know a bit more about this mystery box and will hang onto them for my kids who will like using them as soon as I know they won't lose an eye or two... Very impressed with the dartsnutz expertise and wilingness to help a gal out! Thank you again for reminding me that there are a lot of people out there able to help if we reach out.

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