A. Wisden & sons?
Hi, i need some help identifying a maker.
The stamp isn't great but looks like
A . Wisden & sons
Trinity st...

They look like there from the 20's/ 30's?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. [Image: dJOw50u.jpg]
Subjective call, but moved to UFO section where hopefully you'll get more replies.
A Wissen (or Wisden) & Son will just be the name of the sports shop the darts were bought from, not the manufacturer.

The darts themselves are old fairground darts, or French darts - have a read of the following link:


Having said the above, I don't think the fairground darts were the original ones supplied with that box, although I could be wrong.
Interesting darts. They look like something from before the turn of the century and not this century. Nice find and welcome to the forum.

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