Cuesoul Tero
Hi guys, 

Looking for some feedback on the Cuesole Tero set up, i have bought some really cheap on amazon ( 2 sets flights and 2 sets of stems) for 21 quid, stems come with 4 and not 3. I believe they are usually 7/8 quid each set of flights and stems.

I have seen Darrens review and I’m just testing them out, has anyone else got any feedback? 

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Tugboat  Tongue Moddarts

Target Bolide 03 24g
Cuesole Tero AK7 stems 40mm 
STD Cuesole Tero flights

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I bought some when they first came out. Almost immediately had a stem break off inside the flight. Haven't used them since.
Ive used them for about a month. In all honesty I think they last longer than both cosmo and L style flights in terms of wear. However when the flight does pop off sometimes the spring flys off the shaft and is impossible to find which renders the setup useless. I think its a good practice system but not for a bar setting.

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